Basics of Bidvertiser Advertising

Bidvertiser is one of the reliable paid pay per click advertising option for advertisers to get unique and geo-targeted traffic to their sites similar to Google AdWords and Bing ads. They also offer a money making opportunity  for website publishers to display ads and earn on pay per click basis.

In this article we discuss various features of Bidvertiser advertising program and webmasters can check out these options before trying with Bidvertiser.

Basic Steps to Create your Ad in Bidvertiser

Here are the basic steps for creating an ad in Bidvertiser:

  • Check the available category of directories
  • Choose appropriate category for your website
  • Select your desired keywords
  • Set your desired geographic targeting
  • Create a text ad or upload your banner
  • Set daily budget and daily cap
  • Once approved your ad is up and running
  • Get free $20 starting bonus

Bidvertiser Advertising

Bidvertiser offers three ad types for advertisers – A Simple Text Ad, An Image banner Ad and An ebay seller Ad to drive traffic to your ebay listings. You need to have a minimum one text ad created before you can create image or ebay ads. BidVertiser supports 4 groups of ads – Banners, Buttons, Inline Ads and Skyscrapers. Along with the pre-configured supported Ads BidVertiser allows a free design of ads with customized sizes.

Features of Bidvertiser Ads Center

Bidvertiser offers Ads Center to manage your ads ads and budget. You have an option to categorize your website and Bidvertiser will automatically indicate the optimum bid to drive maximum traffic to your site.

Bidvertiser Ads Center - Manage Ads
Bidvertiser Ads Center – Manage Ads

The minimum bid for an ad is $0.05 and the minimum daily cap is $5. This means your daily budget should be minimum $5 unlike AdWords or Bing Ads where there is no minimum daily budget.

You also have options to set language and geo-targeting for your ads to drive traffic from specific country. You can pause and resume your ads anytime once it started running.

Payment Options

The minimum budget per day is $5 and the minimum payment is for one week. Hence, you need to pay $35 to start an advertising campaign in Bidvertiser. You can either pay through your credit cards or use your PayPal account for payment.

Bidvertiser Payment Options
Bidvertiser Payment Options

Bidvertiser – Performance Tracker

Another important feature of Bidvertiser Ads Center is a Performance Tracker which helps to track the clicks converted into sales. You need to paste the javascript code in your site’s “Thanks for your order” page which normally opens after an order is successfully created.

This tracking code can be used to track the conversion of sales, sign-up, subscriptions and any other user behaviour that you  think valuable. This helps you identify how effectively your ads are performing and modify them accordingly.

Bidvertiser - Conversion Performance Tracker
Bidvertiser – Conversion Performance Tracker

Free Coupon Code and Verification

Bidvertiser offers $20 free advertising credit through various partner sites. This is normally in the form of mail invite and you will not be provided with any promotion or coupon code. Registering for a new account through an offer mail will automatically credit $20 in your account. You can verify under “Manage Funds > Payment History” tab that the free $20 is credited in your account.

Bidvertiser - Free $20 Coupon Applied
Bidvertiser – Free $20 Coupon Applied

Once the free credit is expired Bidvertiser will automatically charge a weekly payment on your credit card or PayPal as per the daily budget set by you. If you set your daily budget as $5 then you will be charged $35 immediately after the expiry of your free credit.

Reports for Ads Performance Tracking

Bidvertiser offers reports on daily activity, category wise summary, geo-origin clicks summary and overall clicks summary for your ads. You can get these reports fro any specified time period and monitor the performance of your ads.

Daily activity report provides you the number of impressions, clicks, CTR, cost and CPC for every single day. You can select particular ad to generate this report or select all the ads under your campaign.

Bidvertiser - Daily Activity Report
Bidvertiser – Daily Activity Report

Category Summary report provides the number of clicks, Cost and CPC details for a selected ad per category wise. This helps you to identify which categories of your ad is performing well and which are not. Accordingly you can adjust the bid of non-performing categories to improve the performance.

Bidvertiser - Category Summary Report
Bidvertiser – Category Summary Report

Geo-Origin summary report provides number of clicks per country wise along with cost and CPC details for a selected ad for a specified time period.

Bidvertiser - Geo-Origin Summary Report
Bidvertiser – Geo-Origin Summary Report

Overall summary report provides number of impressions, clicks, cost and CPC for all the ads for a specified time period.

Bidvertiser - Overall Summary Report
Bidvertiser – Overall Summary Report

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