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Importance of Site Analyzing and Optimizing

Whether it is Google or Bing, every search engine checks certain parameters in your site for indexing in the database. Accordingly your site ranking will also changes in the search results, so it is very important that you have analyzed and optimized your site for the best search engine page rank.

Here are some important website analyzer tools for improving your site’s performance in search engines.

Text to HTML Ratio

This is the indication of the quantum of real content in your website. Search engines consider quality of your content as well as the quantity, hence more the quality content more the value for your site. This is one of the reason sites are not displayed in top of the search results even though having quality content. Millions of sites having very few pages and not getting updated regularly are automatically de-indexed by search engines over the period of time.

The ideal value of the text to HTML ratio could be over 50% and anything less than 25% will result in search engines consider your site as spam. It is worth to note every single element like Bold, Align, Links, etc used in your page will reduce this ratio.

Flash and Frames

Search engines always struggle to index flash and frame content. Use flash only if required and avoid using frames in your webpages to make sure your content is appropriately indexed by the search engines.

Broken Link Check

When you build a site with considerable pages it is highly advised to scan your site to identify broken links. Broken links could be due to change in a page URL or obsolete pages which you linked in your site. Search engine provides webmaster tools to automatically find out and display the unavailable URLs which are part of your sitemap. In page broken links can found with the help of various online tools available in the web.


Make sure you have submitted a xml sitemap to search engines and your site is having a html sitemap page contains all the pages of your site arranged in sections so that the users can navigate easily.

Duplicate Content

Search Engines are known to act upon websites that contain Duplicate / Similar content. Your content could be similar to other websites on the Internet, or pages from within your own website could be similar to each other (usually the case with dynamic product catalog pages). The exact percentage of similarity after with a search engine may penalize you is not known, it varies from search engine to search engine, Your aim should be to keep your page similarity as LOW as possible.

Keyword Density

Keyword Cloud is a visual depiction of keywords used on a website, keywords having higher density are depicted in a larger fonts. Ideally your main keywords should appear in larger fonts at the start of the cloud. Keyword Density is the percentage of occurrence of your keywords to the text in the rest of your webpage. It is important for your main keywords to have the correct keyword density to rank well in Search Engines.

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