5 Tips to Improve Your Weebly Online Store Sales

Running an online store is not an easy task. It needs lot of marketing skills to find right customers and sell your products with good profit margin. Weebly offers two ecommerce plans – business and performance, to create a complete online store. In this article we will check how to improve your Weebly online store sales by using simple tools.

How to Improve Weebly Online Store Sales?

  1. Use Coupon Codes
  2. Use Gift Cards
  3. Sell Digital Goods
  4. Promote Your Offerings
  5. Plan Your Timings

Let us discuss each tips in detail.

1. Using Coupon Codes (Business & Performance Plans)

Coupon codes are the best way to attract more customers to your online store. For example, you can create a coupon for thanks giving day and offer to customers during complete November month. The coupon codes can be created under “Store > Coupon” in Weebly editor. It can be offered in % or $ value with validity and in limited numbers.

Creating Coupon Code in Weebly Store
Creating Coupon Code in Weebly Store

When you offer 5% offer on all products then the discount will be automatically applied during the checkout.

2. Use Gift Cards (Performance Plan)

Similar to coupon codes, gift cards are useful to encourage users sending gift voucher to their friends. Enable gift cards feature under “Store > Products > Gift Cards“. You can create gift cards as a product / categories / menu link and showcase anywhere on your site.

Creating Gift Cards in Weebly
Creating Gift Cards in Weebly

When users purchase a gift card, an email will be sent to the gift card recipient as mentioned in the order.

3. Sell Digital Goods (Business & Performance Plans)

Digital goods are easy to sell than the physical goods. Though you may be having a physical store try to make maximum utilization of digital option. Assume you are running a SEO company offering search engine related services. It will be a very good idea to offer a free SEO ebook to showcase your skills to your customers. People reading and attracted may be converted as your customers to order your services. Digital goods can be created similar to normal products by just changing the product type.

Selling Digital Goods in Weebly
Selling Digital Goods in Weebly

4. Promote Your Offerings On Site and Social Media

Promoting your coupon codes, gift cards and digital goods is the most important action to drive more traffic to your site. When you get more visitors to your online store, the possibility of converting them to your customers will increase.

Coupon codes are not products hence you can’t display the codes on the pages like gift cards or digital goods. In this case you need to manually use additional promotional methods to showcase your coupons:

  • Ensure to display a banners showing the coupon code on the footer, sidebar, top notification bar or any other prominent places on your website.
  • Send email newsletter to all your customers to indicate you have a new coupon code.
  • Display coupon codes on your physical shop to encourage users to order through your online store.

You can also showcase your gift cards and digital products on popular pages of your site and on your social profiles.

Social networks like Facebook offers fan pages to collect your followers. It is the best place to display the coupons and gift cards to encourage followers ordering from your store. You can also run a social campaign to offer special discounts on products only for your Facebook or Twitter followers. This will boost your social presence and helps in more conversion of followers to customers.

Promoting Business Site on Twitter
Promoting Business Site on Twitter

5. Plan Your Activities for Special Occasions in Advance

The online sales will peak during festival and holiday seasons compared to other days of the year. For example, Christmas and New Year is the time for your year end sales. It is a good idea to plan your activities on a calendar based on the product you offer. Let us assume you have a restaurant site on Weebly selling different types of snacks and beverages. You can plan something like below for special seasons:

  • November – special coupons for thanks giving day.
  • December – offer gift cards for Christmas.
  • January – special discount offer on items for new year.

There will be occasions throughout the year. List down all events and decide what type of offer you are going to give to your customers.


Planning your activities and promoting your product offering will undoubtedly boost the sales figure. You can do all these activities yourselves if you manage a small store with less number of products. For bigger store with large number of products, we would recommend you outsourcing this store campaign activities. This will help you in focusing on products, quality and delivery while marketing is done by third party. At any case, following the above steps is very easy and your sales will get good boost during special seasons.

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