11 Proven Ways To Earn Extra Cash Today

Step by step instructions to earn extra cash is one of the all inclusive questions being asked all through the world since the beginning of human existence. Luckily there are numerous ways to make extra cash. You need to figure out of the technique most suitable for you, else it will feel just as you are wasting time.

Here we will present you the best, and demonstrated approaches to make extra cash. This compact list ideally makes your way substantially much easier. There is no compelling reason to use entire sacs of tricks for these ways. The main thing you have to do is to choose the way that best suit for you.

11 Proven Ways To Earn Extra Cash Today

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Developing websites
  3. Make money from blogging
  4. Testing and reviews
  5. Content writing
  6. Offer your photos
  7. Sell your products
  8. Create language tutorials
  9. Answer questions in forms
  10. Listen to music and read emails
  11. Online surveys

Remember, these are not quick rich schemes like multi level marketing. We also mark low quality work in the title so that you can ignore without trying.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the top most ways to earn handsome money online. This is nothing but the modification of traditional marketing technique that you will sell someone’s product on your site. For each sale you make, the product owner will give you certain amount of commission.

Bluehost Affiliate Commission
Bluehost Affiliate Commission

If you ever wonder why thousands of people write about WordPress, themes and plugins then the answers is affiliate commission. Companies like Bluehost offer $65 for each signup as a minimum. This amount will vary when you can refer more people in each month. Though affiliate marketing looks very attractive, it needs lot of time in building a quality website and trusted community around your online presence.

2. Develop Websites

Building a site is one of the most brilliant ways to earn extra cash right now. Loads of individuals are endeavoring to involve themselves with this sector as freelancers. With the digital world, the need of websites will just expand more with time. This is due to the fact that every single organization and individual is endeavoring to develop their own website for marketing and advertising purposes.

You need not to be an expert developer for building websites. There are readymade website builder tools available on the market. For example, mobirise is the popular HTML website maker with Bootstrap. Just invest few hundred dollars to purchase the base themes and extensions. You can make hundreds of combination of websites and sell on any marketplaces like themeforest.

Themeforest Themes
Themeforest Themes

Other option is to play around with free hosting platforms like Weebly and offer your expertise to the required people. You can offer services through your own site or through marketplaces like fiverr, freelancer or upwork.

3. Earn Extra Cash Through Blogging


This is another intriguing way to earn extra cash if only if you have some knowledge about particular topic. For this situation, you don’t need to be as apt as a book writers or editorialist. In the event that you have basic idea regarding sentence structure and what you intend to express, it is good enough for you to publish. The best thing we would recommend is to start blogging with your mother tongue. This will eliminate the need of fear with English, if it is not confident.

There are immense resources and nitty gritty instructional exercises online about blogging. You simply need to discover them. A couple of years back, it was not possible to make money by blogging. The situation was changed with the big players like Google relying on pay per click advertising for their revenue. If you can adhere to it and be consistent, after certain time you will store up a lucrative amount of money.

4. Testing and Reviews

If you have noticed the web carefully, you can find plenty of product reviews and testing. There are two major objectives of such articles. One is affiliate marketing to get commission for sales which we have already explained. Other is sponsored reviews written by someone like you. This is popular especially in the mobile gadget niche.

You can charge the product owner for writing a detailed review and help them to publish the review on popular websites. It is common to change few hundred dollars for writing thousand words of review. You can offer such service on marketplaces or on your own website.

5. Content Writing

On one hand there are new websites popping up everyday. But on other hand, not everyone can write quality content that ranks well on Google. Most of the website owners reply on freelancers and content writers to generate quality content for their site.

Go to freelancing sites like fiverr and search for ‘content writing’. You will see how many people offer the services along with the rate. These are only few popular sites, but thousands of sites sell content for blogs, press release and student assignments.

Fiverr Marketplace
Fiverr Marketplace

Scan through all those sites and register for a freelancer account. Initially it will be challenging to get clients but when you get experience, it will become your carrier to earn money for life.

6. Offer Your Photos

Here you don’t have to take additional preparation. In the event that you have a good camera and great knowledge about photography, you may be able to earn extra cash by offering your photographs. It is not necessary that you must be proficient.

However, you need to keep up quality and furthermore focus on extra common background. You can offer your great snaps not just in the local organization like daily paper, electronic media and so on but also in international organization, for example, national geology, TED. As of late there has been awesome demand in product photography and food photography because of expanded numbers of ecommerce business websites and food and recipe blogs.

If you have initial investment, good idea is open a stock images marketplace on your own like Shutterstock and offer subscription services.

7. Sell Your Products and eBooks

If you have great abilities in crafting, you are likely most being able to earn extra cash. Many individuals have mind-blowing skills, they can make crafts like cards, candle stands and so on. You can earn cash by offering these artworks. In the event that you want to do this, you can begin your own particular art business without any doubt.

If you are good at writing, start writing eBooks and sell on platforms like eBay or Amazon. Scan through those sites to understand how people make money by selling eBooks and other products.

8. Create Language Tutorials

This is another fascinating way to earn extra cash. In any case, for this case you should have authority on the specific language that you need to teach. English speakers have incredible demand in Asia.

VIPKids Teachers Website in China
VIPKids Teachers Website in China

Different dialects, for example, French, Spanish, German, and so forth are having extraordinary popularity in Asia and Africa also. These days lots of individuals are joining as English teachers in websites. These sites are virtual online classroom for teachers and students.

Anyone with specific skills can offer any program and charge the students appropriately.

9. Answering Questions

There are loads of sites that will pay you few bucks for answering to questions. These are generally online forums in which you can ask questions and additionally answer other people’s questions.

You will be paid based on the answers and maintaining the reputation among the community. Look for online forums and Q&A sites. Apply for the jobs to earn extra cash from the site owner.

10. Listening to Music or Radio, Reading Emails

More often listening in to the music or radio and reading email messages are peoples’ most loved interests. These are extremely fascinating exercises and you can likewise make extra cash by doing these basic things.

There are a large number of websites which will pay you to listen to music or radio and read messages. Some of these sites may expect you to spend some money to join while others are free. You can earn extra cash as much as you need in proportion to the time you will contribute.

11. Online Surveys

Taking part in online surveys is the most famous approach to earn extra cash online. Heaps of companies are giving individuals this chance to go about as a freelancer. By partaking in this sort of survey, organizations obtain a clearer idea regarding the effectiveness of their items/research items.

Keeping in mind that in order to partake in this sort of opportunity, you need to register with your specific field of interest and submit your own information. At that point, you will be confirmed and acknowledged into the survey if the organization is happy with your accreditation.

There are many fake websites, so be cautious about them. By picking the right company this has the wonderful potential to earn extra cash on the internet.


You can follow any of these ways to earn extra cash, however the fact is that you need to choose the one most appropriate for you. Additionally, If you can combine ways, you will probably earn more. For instance if you are a blogger and photography is your hobby, you can without much of a stretch combine them using your own photos.

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