Top 5 Notification Plugins for WordPress

Notifications is one of the easiest ways of engaging with your website’s visitors. Website owners can use different types of notifications like email newsletters, pop-up and live chat. Nowadays, push notifications are gaining popularity to notify users directly in the browser. If you are looking for adding notification to your WordPress site then you are at right place. In this article, let us explore the best WordPress notification plugins available for site owners.

Top 5 Notification Plugins for WordPress

  • WPFront Notification Bar
  • Send Pulse
  • MailChimp Top Bar
  • WP Notification Bars
  • 8 Degree Notifications

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1. WPFront Notification Bar

Many websites, including this website, has policy not to use pop-up notifications on the site. Though pop-up notifications help you to have a quick success, we believe it create a bad user experience. In addition, most users by default block pop-ups in their browsers. The alternate option is to use a notification bar instead of showing a pop-up.

WPFront notification bar is a free notification plugin for WordPress that allows you to display on a bar on top or bottom part of your site. You can also add call to action button and take users to a different page. Below is an example of how the plugin will show a maintenance alert on a live site.

WPFront Notification Bar
WPFront Notification Bar

The main features of the WP Notification Bar plugin include:

  • You can include an optional button
  • It supports a URL or JavaScript
  • Two positions – top and bottom
  • Fixed or sticky design bar
  • A timer can be set to make the bar appear or disappear
  • Allows to show only on specific posts or pages and for specific user roles
  • You can specify dates to show the bar for particular duration

The plugin is available to you at no cost at all. However, the developer does not seem to support through WordPress forum is actively.

2. SendPulse Free Web Push

As mentioned above, push notifications through browsers are getting popular nowadays. SendPulse makes this push notification easy with a free push notification WordPress plugin. However, you need to have SendPulse account in order to use this service.


The main features of the plugin include:

  • Supports all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Sends instant online notification for new posts or sales
  • You can send personalized notifications based on user segments
  • Allows to use A/B testing to improve click through rate
  • Notifications can be triggered once certain conditions are met
  • Real time statistics

This is a free plugin that needs a registered SendPulse account.

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3. MailChimp Top Bar

MailChimp Top Bar is an add-on plugin for the popular MailChimp for WordPress (MC4WP) plugin. If you are already using MC4WP, then this add-on is lightweight option to show customizable notification bar.

MailChimp Top Bar
MailChimp Top Bar

The main features of the plugin include:

  • User-friendly with dismiss option
  • Simple to customize by selecting a MailChimp list
  • Allows to change the colors and text on the bar
  • You can change the position to top or bottom

4. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is a free notification plugin from MyThemeShop. If you are using a theme from mythemeshop then this plugin is perfect option for showing notifications. You can show email subscription call out, promotional offers and maintenance alerts. The plugin allows you to create unlimited notification bars with customizable options.

WPNotification Bar
WPNotification Bar

We recommend this plugin because of:

  • Simple to use and lightweight
  • Suitable when you using mythemeshop themes
  • You can create unlimited notification bars
  • Responsive bars with fixed or absolute position
  • Customize the visibility on home page, posts or pages, only to visitors from Google or Facebook.

5. 8 Degree Notification

8 Degree Notification Bar is a premium version available in codecanyon for $18. You can get the free version of 8 Degree Notification Bar from WordPress repository with limited features. You can create mobile responsive and user friendly notifications bard using this plugin.

8 Degree Notification Bar
8 Degree Notification Bar

We recommend this plugin because of:

  • Allows you to place the notification bar in header and footer
  • You can show 4 different notifications – text, subscribe form, slider and ticker
  • Unlimited option for background and font color
  • Allows Google font in the notification bar
  • Social profile options to show social icons like Facebook and Twitter
  • Allows animation effects like static, left-to-right scrolling and right-to-left scrolling
  • Mobile friendly with dismiss button

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Wrapping up

There are numerous benefits to using notifications on your website from growing your mailing list to sharing news and alerts. Displaying an attractive and highly optimized WordPress notification bar can quickly help increasing your site’s conversions. With the plugins mentioned above, you will be able to maximize the advantages of notifications on your website. You can use these plugins on any site without much challenges. Most of the listed plugins are available for free, adding no extra cost to you.

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