Using Weebly Education Version for Teachers and Students

Weebly Versions

Weebly is one of the easiest and popular drag and drop site builder which offers the following versions to build websites.

This article explains the features of the education version and the pricing.

What is Education Version?

Weebly education platform is an attempt to bring teachers and students more closer online. Both teachers and students will have individual accounts to create a site and perform their tasks.

The editor will have similar features like standard drag and drop Weebly editor with limited features for students. All other activities like site creation and publishing are same as

What Teachers Can Do?

Teacher first create the Weebly account using Weebly’s education version and allowed to perform following two actions:

  • Create individual sites – Weebly allows creating up to 10 sites per account (both for free and pro versions) with unlimited pages on each site. Teachers can use these sites to showcase their skills, upload tutorials and upload assignments using “Assignment Form” element.
Weebly Education Teacher Login
Weebly Education Teacher Login
  • Setup a classroom – here teacher creates a classroom setup by creating students account and viewing student’s site. Teacher can also disable editing on any student’s site. Free education account allows to create up to 40 students with further upgrade option of adding each student account for one USD. Students site can be configured as private so that it will be password protected. Teacher needs to provide this site password to student and change the password any point of time.

What Students Can Do?

Students login to Weebly students site with the user name and password obtained from the teacher.

  • Very limited features are available in a student site. For example, each student is allowed to create only one site with five pages limit. If teacher’s account is upgraded to pro then students are allowed to create 10 sites with unlimited pages along with all Weebly pro features applicable for education version.
Weebly Education Student Login
Weebly Education Student Login
  • Students can download the assignment from teacher’s site and upload it again. If the assignment is to create some project then student can update his / her own site with the project details so that teacher can view it online.

Weebly Education Version Pricing

Education version is free to start with for teachers with the option to upgrade. Though Weebly says education platform is heavily discounted, it will only benefit teachers who work in a school having many students. For an individual tutor or a freelancing teacher with limited number of students, a free or pro account may fulfill the need. Weebly offers two upgrade options in education platform:

  • Number of students – if a teacher wants to add more than 40 students then each student account will cost $1 with the multiples of 10. This means even you want 1 student more than 40 you need to pay $10.
  • Pro account for a teacher costs $39.95 per year with limited pro features.

Pro features for education platform includes the following:

  • Both teacher and students account will be upgraded.
  • Students will be allowed to create 10 sites per account with unlimited pages.
  • File upload limit of 250MB.
  • HD video player and audio player elements.
  • Remove Weebly footer
  • Password protect individual pages

Watch the demo to understand how teachers can setup a class room and manage student’s websites.

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  1. Hello

    By accident my students create an education weebly account. I want them to go back to standard or to use student weebly. How can I do? Please help me


    • There is no easy way to switch the account types. Probably you need to copy the content and create again. Or check with Weebly support whether they can do this for you.


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