10 Businesses You Can Start for Under $100

Working a 9 to 6 job is a safer way to live the life. However, everyone can not fit in to that style mainly due to obeying the boss. A lot of people dream of owning their own business and only answering to themselves. For many of us, it can be a challenge to start a business because of how much money it may cost. Money can stop you from following your dreams to become a business owner. Starting a business does not have to put a hole in your wallet. There are businesses that you can start for under $100 and still make a lot of money on the side or by quitting your day job. Here are 10 businesses you can start for under $100.

10 Businesses You Can Start for Under $100

  • Virtual assistant
  • Social media manager
  • Print on demand
  • YouTuber
  • Meme creator
  • Freelancing
  • Content writing
  • Blogging
  • Per-sitting
  • Baby-sitting

1. Virtual Assistant 

Providing tech support or doing administrative tasks for businesses is a great business to start. A laptop with internet connection is sufficient to kickstart your job. You don’t need a website to get clients. Instead, you can look on job boards, advertise your services on Craigslist, or respond to Facebook posts. Most of us have a laptop and internet connection so being a virtual assistant is an affordable business you can start. 

2. Social Media Manager 

If you love to post on social media and share posts, becoming a social media manager can become a lucrative career. The majority of companies use social media to promote their products and communicate with their customers.

Social Media

No storefront is needed to become a social media manager, and you can work from home on your laptop. You can cold pitch clients or join Facebook groups that hire social media managers.

3. Print on Demand Business 

One of the most creative businesses you can start is creating designs and print them on to t-shirts, mugs, keychains, bathroom mats, and other products. There are websites that you are free to get started with, such as Zazzle, Redbubble, Amazon Merch, Society 6, Spread Shirt, and Sun Frog.

If you are not a designer, you can find someone to design t-shirts for you on Fiverr. Websites like Creative Fabrica, Creative Market, and Design Bundles have graphics for less than $10, and sometimes they are free. 

4. Start a YouTube Channel 

YouTube has become popular over the years. YouTubers can make thousands of dollars creating videos and putting ads on their videos. When you first start on YouTube, you don’t have to buy a fancy camera. All you need is your cellphone, and you can work your way up to a nice camera. It may take some time to grow your following, but if you stick with it, you can make a lot of money on YouTube. 

5. Meme Creator

The popularity of social media created different jobs that many of us love to do. Most of share memes on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and other communication platforms. You can be the one creating and distributing the memes with different ideas covering the latest trending topics. It needs a computer and phone for kicking of this business. Later, you can move on to create custom memes for payments and sell affiliate products on your Facebook pages or website.

6. Become a Freelancer 

Freelancing has become a popular way to work from home. You can do almost any job as a freelancer such as graphic design, writing, marketing, video production, editing, and consulting. Many sites post freelance jobs like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. You can also find jobs on Facebook and job boards. 

7. Content Writer

Content writer is one of the best freelancing jobs you can start without any investment. It’s an added advantage if you are a native English speaker. There are millions of websites that look for regular contributor their websites and even pay $100 per article. You may need to stick to the schedule when starting till the time grow big.

8. Blogger

Blogging become the popular money making option for young entrepreneurs. You can buy a multiyear hosting, domain and emails for less than $100 to start a blog in few days. Then the only focus for you should be to create content till the time your blog gets popular. It can be about simple Excel tips or advanced web development depending upon your expertise. There are also many blogging platforms available on the web like WordPress, Blogger and Google Sites. You can start a blog and display advertisements from the programs like Google AdSense to earn money. In addition, you can recommend products to your readers and get affiliate commission when they purchase through your blog.

How to Start a Blog?

9. Pet Sitting  

Pet sitting is the perfect job to start for under $100 if you love animals. If you have consistent availability and can be trusted, a pet sitting business can be your path to entrepreneurship. You can market your business by going on websites such as Care.com or Rover.com to find people that need a pet sitter. It is important to purchase some pet supplies, but the owners usually have their supplies. 

10. Baby-sitter 

If you love children, baby-sitting has a low start-up cost.  You can find babysitting jobs on websites like Care.com. Taking care of children is a lot of responsibility, but it is something that you can do on the side or start a full-time business. 


These are the lucrative jobs that you can start for under $100 will lead you to the financial freedom you have always wanted. Owning your own business is the best way to take control of your finances. You get to decide how much money you can make instead of being on a salary job. 

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