Blogging Vs 9 to 6 Jobs

Generally, people go for a job or do business on their own. In earlier days, the definition of doing business was completely different. You probably need to have a physical space and sell goods in order to run a business. However, the recent digital revolution changed this aspect, especially in the website building arena. Nowadays, people choose blogging, video making and even memes making as their full time job. In this article, let us explore the fundamentals of blogging Vs 9 to 6 jobs.  

9 to 6 Jobs

Working for others is always a challenging task, since you need to adjust your opinions to suit the situation. Also you need to explain your achievements during appraisals and liable to answer your management anytime. Though some IT jobs offer more salary, you may need to stress yourself and travel to client locations frequently for project delivery. On other hand, product oriented jobs like material planning or production planning will eventually become monotonous sooner or later.

Pros of 9 to 6 Jobs

The job has many dimensions other than actual work content. Those dimensions are the reasons people prefer to work in corporates instead of doing self-business.

  • You can search jobs together with your friends as many of your college friends may want to work in popular companies.
  • No need to own much responsibility during initial phases, as there are always many people or team to share the responsibility.
  • You can anytime change the job for better prospectus.
  • Additional benefits like house rent allowance, foreign travel opportunities and medical insurance.
  • Most corporate companies offer job safety and lucrative salary.
  • You can easily get a societal status with a good job and get loans for housing or personal reasons.
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Cons of 9 to 6 Jobs

It is common to refer the 9 to 6 work as – one lunch, two punch jobs.

  • Most of the 9 to 6 jobs are monotonous. The constantly slow phase of progress will also influence the character of the people over time.
  • You can’t learn any new thing when working in the same area or working with the same application for many years.
  • At the end, you need to always work for others and explain you achievements during appraisals. Most of the times, you will get normal rating and your achievements may not be recognized appropriately.
  • Many people simply work for money without focusing on their area of interest and self happiness.
  • You need to continuously work to earn money. Also, you may need to do political things literally affecting others to come up in the corporate ladder.

In general, people do not want to off their comfortability to choose working for others. You might have seen people working for 40 years in a same product company until the retirement.

Doing Own Business

Doing a small-scale business has vast individual responsibility. Unlike working in a company, you may need to bear the entire financial burden based on your own skill. In general, people try to follow the same business as their family or friends. Because, this gives them an upper hand on expertise and support when needed. However, the new dimensional jobs like blogging needs different skills and management.   

Who Needs to Choose Blogging?

Many people think blogging is an individual business that anyone can create a website and run a blog. This is completely wrong for two reasons. One – start from the beginning you need many resources and dependency like hosting, commercial themes / plugins, etc. Second – you need to convert your blog to a business when the site reaches certain level. Therefore, blogging essentially needs a business skills. Otherwise, you may not be able to grow after certain level.

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Pros of Blogging

Doing own business always gives much satisfaction than working for others for the entire life. There are very good reasons for choosing blogging as your career.

  • It’s a happy feeling when some unknown reader gets benefitted from your content. Also, sharing your knowledge with others is an easy way to create a community.
  • Your website will work for you even when you sleep.
  • No need to follow any tight office schedule or travel to work.
  • You don’t need any physical office space, it is possible do all the stuffs from home even when you have few employees.
  • If you are focused, few years of hard work can take your life ten years ahead of your 9 to 6 jobs.
  • No need to focus on promotions, appraisals and political things. You can do the work freely and happily on your own.

Cons of Blogging

There are also many direct and indirect issues with blogging.

  • Always need to follow webmasters guidelines, especially from Google.
  • No additional perks like insurance or house allowance.
  • You will not get any pension after retirement as you get from many 9 to 6 jobs.
  • Consistently looking at laptop or mobile phone can drastically impact your eye and health situation.
  • You should regularly stick to a publishing schedule for few years without any external motivation.
  • You also need to invest initially without much returns for few years.

How to Make Money from Blogging?

There are three primary ways to make money from a blog.

  • Advertising programs like Google AdSense – reliable but needs long time to get a decent earnings.
  • Affiliate marketing – unreliable but get you quicker money especially when you have community.
  • Online business – selling digital or physical products by utilizing the traffic from blog content. This is ideal to leverage advertising as well as affiliate marketing.
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Why People Fail in Blogging?

Many of the young people think and act fast, however they miss many facts. All the above three money making options need a consistent effort for many years without any return. Below are some simple reasons why people fail in blogging:

  • Many wanted to get quick money and follow black hat SEO techniques like promoting content through traffic exchanges.
  • Sometimes, changes in Google algorithm can affect your site’s ranking without any influence from your side.
  • Choosing the topic without appropriate knowledge. For example, writing health related tips.
  • Not understanding that many of the popular blogs are backed with million dollar investment. For example, is a popular technology blog from the .dash parent company. You can read here on how many blogs they run and how many editors are part of that effort.
  • Get lured by some individuals who do dedicated blogging. Forgetting the fact that they would have spent many years for coming to that situation.


Hope you got some idea to clear the myths about blogging. We are running this website for almost a decade with different domain names. We primarily earn money through blogging with Google AdSense. Based on our experience, we can clearly tell the success in blogging needs initial investment and consistent hard work for few years. If you are looking immediate payment for your work then 9 to 6 jobs are more suitable for you.

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