Launcher Coming Soon Template

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Launcher is a countdown timer template designed for coming soon, maintenance mode and new site or product launches. It is a HTML template made with Bootstrap 4 framework. Below are some of the features of the theme and you can view live demo of the theme here.

  • Fully responsive on all devices.
  • Title and description.
  • Live countdown timer.
  • Footer to show copyright information.
  • Subscribe form.


Launcher Coming Soon Template

Launcher is an elegant coming soon template made with Bootstrap 4. It is a fully responsive template perfect for new website launches and maintenance mode.

Launcher Coming Soon Template

Features of Launcher Theme

  • Elegant background.
  • Title and description to tell about what you are planning to do.
  • Running countdown timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Email subscription form to get user emails for sending newsletter and promotions.
  • Copyright footer.
  • Fully responsive on all devices.

Theme Installation and Modification

The installation and copyright information can be found inside the readme.txt file available with the download. Below is the extract of installation information:

  • Replace the images with your own under /assets/images/ folder.
  • Edit index.html file and modify the content of your own.
  • Upload index.html and assets folder inside a same folder on your hosting server.
  • Open the path in browser to see the live site.

Modifying the Countdown Timer Date

Open index.html file using any text editor like Notepad++ and locate the following code:

<div class="countdown" data-end="2020/01/01"></div>

Change the date “202/01/01” to any desired date and save the file.


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Launcher Template
Launcher Coming Soon Template
$9.00 $5.00