How to Install and Uninstall Weebly on SiteGround?

Weebly became popular with the drag and drop website builder. They offer various services through website. However, many popular hosting companies also offer Weebly site builder as part of their portfolio. For example, SiteGround is the popular shared hosting company for WordPress websites and is also one of the recommended web hosts by community. Besides their WordPress business they also offer a white labeled site builder from Weebly. Unlike Weebly on Bluehost, SiteGround has the latest Weebly platform and make the integration worth of trying. In this article we will discuss step by step instructions on how to install Weebly on SiteGround hosted domain or subdomain. We will also explain how to uninstall Weebly files and revert back your website.

Install Weebly on SiteGround

SiteGround offers shared hosting account for as low as $3.95 per month. You can host WordPress, Weebly, phpBB or any other content management systems or static files on SiteGround servers. In order to access Weebly on SiteGround, first login to your SiteGround hosting account. Remember, you can’t access your Weebly site through and you need to login through SiteGround every time to access the site builder.

  • After login to your hosting account, navigate to “Sitebuilder” section under “My Accounts” tab.
Installing Weebly on SiteGround
Installing Weebly on SiteGround
  • Choose the domain on which you want to install Weebly and click on “Enable” button.
  • Click on the “Access Sitebuilder” button to login to Weebly site editor.
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If the domain already have content with WordPress or static index.html file then all the existing content will be deleted once you install Weebly on it. So if you are planning to test the sitebuilder then create a subdomain or use separate add-on domain to install Weebly.

Building Your Site With Weebly

SiteGround uses the latest drag and drop editor from Weebly Cloud as an integrated site builder. It has all the features offered by free account except Weebly App Center. You can upgrade to premium plans for accessing App Center with SiteGround Weebly editor. Nevertheless, default Weebly elements are sufficient to have a decent website. If you are looking for Weebly tutorials, we have one of the largest collection on web for free Weebly tutorial articles including free Weebly widgets, SEO guide and Weebly tips and tricks.

Below is how the site editor will look with Weebly and SiteGround logo / text on the top left corner. You can just drag and drop elements and start building your website.

Weebly Site Editor in SiteGround
Weebly Site Editor in SiteGround

Unlike WordPress site, you need to publish the whole site for every modification to make the changes online.

Weebly Pricing Plans on SiteGround

You can check out various Weebly pricing plans and features comparison in our earlier article. However, the pricing plans from SiteGround are cheaper than the ones offered on For example, the Pro plan on will cost you $12 per month when paid annually. The same Pro plan will cost you $11.58 per monthly basis in SiteGround.

SiteGround Weebly Pricing Plans
SiteGround Weebly Pricing Plans

How to Uninstall Weebly on SiteGround?

Now that you know how to install Weebly on SiteGround. Sometimes you need to recover the domain or subdomain for installing other packages like WordPress. Unfortunately, SiteGround does not offer one click solution for uninstalling Weebly. You need to manually delete the files to cleanup the domain. If you have WordPress previously on the same domain, it is easy to revert back to WordPress. However, if you have static index.html file then Weebly installation will delete the index.html file. You need to restore the file from backup or create a new one.

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Follow the below instructions to delete or uninstall Weebly in SiteGround hosting server.

Step #1 – Un-publish Weebly Site

  • First step is to unpublish your Weebly site. Login to your Weebly site and navigate to “Settings > General” section.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Un-publish Site” button to make your site offline.
Unpublish Weebly Site
Unpublish Weebly Site
Internal Server Error
Internal Server Error

Step #2 – Delete htaccess Directives

Weebly will add lot of files on your domain when you install. You need to have a FTP account to check the root of your domain. If you don’t have a FTP account, learn how to create a FTP account in SiteGround cPanel.

  • Login to your FTP account using software like FileZilla.
  • Edit .htaccess file in the root of your domain and delete the content under #Weebly Additions Start section.
Remove Htaccess Entries
Remove Htaccess Entries
  • Ensure not to delete other content in your .htaccess file. In order to avoid mistakes, first backup your file and start deleting the Weebly additions.

Step #3 – Delete Weebly Files

The last step is to delete the files added during Weebly installation. After modifying htaccess file, you can see few folders and files are added by Weebly.

  • Delete the Weebly files in “w_api” and “files” directory.
  • Also delete the “login.php” file created by Weebly.
Weebly Files in SiteGround Site
Weebly Files in SiteGround Site
  • Basically, you have cleanup all the Weebly files. If you had a WordPress installation before then you should have index.php file. Now you can try to access your site.
  • If you had index.html file previously then you need to restore manually from your backup to access your site.
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One of the biggest advantages of having paid hosting account is that you can have multiple sites on the same account. For example, you can host your primary site with WordPress and have smaller sites on Weebly. Especially when you have a WordPress hosting account with SiteGround, you can simply create one subdomain and install Weebly on that for free. The only issue is that every time you need to access your Weebly site through SiteGround site which is an inconvenient process. This is different than accessing WordPress site from admin dashboard outside hosting account.

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  1. How do you UNINSTALL weebly through siteground? The usual method of uninstalling weebly isn’t accessible since it is part of the sitebuilder with siteground. I am trying to use but nothing seems to be uploading to my website and I believe it is because weebly is enabled.

    • We have updated the article explaining how to uninstall Weebly. Yes, you need to delete all Weebly installation files and ensure to have index.php file from WordPress.


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