Comparison of Weebly Pricing Plans and Features

Weebly offers five different types of plans in order to fulfill various categories of users. Each plan has a set of features and targeted for particular segment of users. Before upgrading to any plan it is necessary to check how much it will cost for you and what are the features you can get more compared to a free plan. With various features added only to business plan users, it looks Weebly may also restructure its plans any time sooner. At this moment below are the plans offered by Weebly:

Comparison of Weebly Plans

Weebly Starter Plan

Weebly starter plan is one of the premium plans offered by Weebly targeting small-scale consumers with limited features.

The starter plan has the following premium features:

  • Free site editor, hosting with unlimited pages and storage.
  • Connect your custom domain from third party registrars.
  • Remove free Weebly footer and customizable drag and drop footer.
  • Expanded site statistics with own favicon.
  • 1 year free domain

The starter plan will cost you $5 per month per site without free domain and $8 with free domain based on your geographical location.

Weebly Pricing Plans
Weebly Pricing Plans

Though starter plan is one of the preferred options for building a site with Weebly due to cost vs feature comparison it has the following limitations:

  • Number of product element is restricted to 10.
  • There will be no membership and ecommerce options like selling digital goods.
  • No site search box and multimedia elements like video and audio players.

Weebly Pro Plan

Weebly pro plan is one of the premium plans offered by Weebly targeting medium scale consumers which will cost $9 per site per month. Weebly pro package has the following features:

  • Free hosting, site builder with unlimited pages.
  • 1 year free domain.
  • $100 Google AdWords advertising coupon for US and Canada users.
  • Expanded site statistics with site search box and password protection.
  • Customizable footer with custom favicon.
  • Self hosted video and audio players.
  • Full width video backgrounds.

Weebly pro plan has the following restrictions:

  • Header slideshow option was removed with all responsive themes.
  • Up to 100 memberships without registration option.
  • Up to 25 product elements and checkout on Weebly domain with 3% transaction fee.
  • No option to sell digital goods and offer coupons.

Pro plan will cost you $9 without free domain (offered only in specific geographical regions) and $12 with free domain for 1 year.

Weebly Business Plan

Weebly business plan is a premium plan offered by Weebly targeting ecommerce users want to have online web store. It costs around $25 per month per site and has the following premium features over Weebly pro package:

  • Integrated ecommerce with unlimited product elements.
  • Selling digital goods, inventory management and integrated coupon codes.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Unlimited membership with registration option.

The ecommerce plan will cost $25 per site per month which may or may not include 1 year free domain (we noticed the domain is included in US and not for Europe).

Weebly Performance Plan

Weebly introduced additional performance plan recently which has the following additional features compared to business plan:

  • $96 value worth of email marketing.
  • Realtime time shipping rate calculation during checkout.
  • Abandoned cart email function will trigger auto email to customers who did not complete the purchase.
  • Digital gift cards for customers.
  • 5 email campaigns per month to 500 senders per email.

1. All Weebly premium plans are applicable at site level which means you need to upgrade individual sites on your account separately. Premium features will stop functioning if you do not renew the plan after expiry date.

2.Weebly also offers 100% money back guarantee within 30 days from the date of purchase for all premium plans.

The below table shows the comparison between various plans with the price per month for 6 months, 1 year and 2 years plan.

Weebly Plans Pricing Details

PlanNumber of
Price Per Month
(Monthly Plan)
Price Per Month
(6 Months Plan)
Price Per Month
(1 Year Plan)
Price Per Month
(2 Years Plan)
Free Plan10FreeFreeFreeFree
Starter Plan10No Plan$9$8$5
Pro Plan10No Plan$14$12$9
Business Plan10$35$34$25$21
Performance Plan10$59No Plan$49$45

1 year and 2 years plans are offered with discount compared to 6 months plan.

Two years is the maximum period of upgrade for any premium plans and subsequently you can extend your upgrade to further years.

Comparison of Free, Starter, Pro, Business and Performance Plan Features of Weebly

Performance plan is the highest level of premium plan offered by Weebly targeting users want to create a quick online store. Any feature added in future will be available for performance and business plan users by default whereas users using other plans may or may not get it freely. Here is the complete comparison of Free, Starter, Pro, Business and Performance plan features.

Feature Performance Business ProStarter Free
Free Site BuilderYesYesYesYesYes
Free HostingYesYesYesYesYes
Free DomainYes1 Year1 Year1 YearNo
Number of PagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited500 MB
Search Engine IndexingYesYesYesYesYes
Expanded Site StatisticsYesYesYesYesNo
Connect with Custom DomainYesYesYesYesNo
Remove Weebly Footer MessageYesYesYesYesNo
Drag & Drop Customizable FooterYesYesYesYesNo
Password Protect at Site LevelYesYesYesNoNo
Own FaviconYesYesYesYesNo
Site Search BoxYesYesYesNoNo
Video BackgroundsYesYesYesNoNo
HD Video and Audio PlayersYesYesYesNoNo
Editor PermissionsYesYesYesNoNo
File Upload250MB250MB250MB100MB100MB
SSL CertificateYesYesNoNoNo
User RegistrationYesYesNoNoNo
Email Marketing$96 for a yearNoNoNoNo
Google AdWords Coupon$100$100$100$100No
Support ModelForum + Email + Chat + PhoneForum + Email + Chat + PhoneForum + Email + Chat + PhoneForum + Email + ChatForum + Email + Chat
Email Campaigns5 per month to 500 sender per mailNoNoNoNo
Ecommerce Features
Number of Product ElementsUnlimitedUnlimited25100
Payment Transaction Fee0%0%3%3%Not Eligible
Shopping CartOn Your Own DomainOn Your Own Domaincheckout.weebly.comcheckout.weebly.comNot Eligible
Selling Digital GoodsYesYesNoNoNo
Inventory TrackingYesYesNoNoNo
Shipping DetailsYesYesNoNoNo
Tax CalculatorYesYesNoNoNo
Offering Coupon CodesYesYesNoNoNo
Realtime Shipping RatesYesNoNoNoNo
Abandoned Cart EmailsYesNoNoNoNo
Gift CardsYesNoNoNoNo

Pro Features Rating and Alternate Options for Free Users

Weebly Pro was the initial highest level premium plan offered which was subsequently superseded by Business plan. Pro plan is the most suitable plan for most of the users who do not have a need to run an online store. The major problems in the Weebly Pro pack is that many of the features can be achieved either by modifying HTML/CSS or by using alternate free options. The other problem is that even with the Pro upgrade, you will miss important eCommerce and membership features and upgrading to Business plan needs 3 times more money than a Pro plan.

Here is the rating of the Pro features and alternate options available for free users. Learn complete list of Pro feature here.

Weebly Pro FeaturesRatingAlternate Options for Free Weebly Users
Audio PlayerPoorAudios from SoundCloud can be embedded with playlist option
Editor PermissionGood
FaviconGoodCan be added by HTML/CSS modification
File UploadsGood
Flexible Drag and Drop FooterExcellentCan be added by HTML/CSS modification
Form OptionsGood
Video BackgroundsExcellentCan be added by HTML/CSS modification
Password ProtectGood
Site SearchGoodGoogle Custom Search is free and AdSense enabled
Site StatisticsPoorGoogle Analytics provides more reliable and exhaustive data.
Video PlayerGoodYouTube Element can be used to embed Videos

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