How to Add Direct Bank Transfer in WooCommerce Store?

WordPress by default does not have any option to create products and sell online. However, you can choose best in class plugins to create a full-fledged online store. WooCommerce is one of the best-known ecommerce plugins for WordPress. You can easily create simple and variable products and accepts payments from your customers. In this article, let us explain how to add direct bank transfer in WooCommerce to receive money in your bank account.

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Why Not PayPal?

Well, the best and easy option for any online store is using PayPal. However, PayPal has lot of restrictions based on your country.

  • Countries as India does not allow money transfer from PayPal accounts created within India. It means you cannot pay or receive money between two Indian PayPal accounts as per the guidelines from Reserve Bank of India. This is useless situation for those having local businesses in India.
  • Some countries need PayPal business account to send and receive money.
  • Bank transfer may have less transaction fee compared to PayPal charges.

At any case, it is a good idea to have both PayPal and direct bank transfer methods as your payment methods to cater all your customers.

How to Add Direct Bank Transfer?

Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to “WooCommerce > Settings” menu. You will see different payment methods under “Payments” tab. Click on “Setup” button against the “Direct bank transfer” option.

WooCommerce Payment Option
WooCommerce Payment Option

This will open up the settings page for direct bank transfer as below.

Setting Up Direct Bank Transfer
Setting Up Direct Bank Transfer

Enter the title, description and instructions that appears on the checkout page.

Adding Account Details

Click on the “+ Add account” button to add a new bank account. You should have the following details of your bank account.

  • Enable / Disable – check the box to enable the option.
  • Account name – your name as on the bank record.
  • Account number – complete bank account number.
  • Bank name – legal registered name of the bank.
  • IFSC – it indicates Indian Financial System Code applicable only in India. It should be an 11 digits alphanumeric code of your bank branch. Generally, you can find the IFSC code on the check leaflet, otherwise contact your bank to get the correct code. In most cases, you can also search on online to get the code for your bank branch.
  • IBAN – it is an International Bank Account Number, which should be of 34 alphanumeric characters.
  • BIC / Swift – Bank Identification Code or SWIFT code is 8 or 11 characters code to accept international money transfers.

Ensure that you have correct name and use the numbers as per your need:

  • Use account number with BIC/SWIFT code for accepting international money transfers.
  • You may not need an account number when using international bank account number (IBAN).
  • Enter correct IFSC code and account number for money transfer within India.

After filling the details, click on “Save Changes” button. You can also add multiple bank details to provide options for your customers.

Checkout with Direct Bank Transfer

When a customer orders a product, he/she will see the direct bank transfer as option during checkout.

WooCommerce Order with Direct Bank Transfer Option
WooCommerce Order with Direct Bank Transfer Option

After confirming the order placement, customer can get the complete bank transfer details as you have entered in the WooCommerce settings page.

View Bank Details After Checkout
View Bank Details After Checkout

Order Processing for Direct Bank Transfer Payments

The order processing process is bit change from PayPal order processing. For the digital products with PayPal case, after the order placement, it will automatically convert to “Completed” status. However, for direct bank transfer, WooCommerce will put the order “On Hold” until the time of payment.

Order Status On Hold
Order Status On Hold

The customer will receive an email mentioning that the order is on hold until the payment along with the bank account and order details.

Order Details with Bank Account
Order Details with Bank Account

After you have received the money in your bank account or get transaction details from the customer, you can click on the three dots buttons to change the order status to “Processing”.

Order Status Processing
Order Status Processing

When you complete the work, click on the tick mark button to complete the order status. This will send order completion email to the customer.

Order Status Completed
Order Status Completed

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Invoice Generation

If you want to trigger an invoice to customer, then click on the order number link to go to the “Edit Order” screen. Under “Order actions” dropdown, select “Email invoice / order details to customer” and click on “Update” button.

Trigger Invoice for Order
Trigger Invoice for Order

This will trigger the invoice receipt to customer indicating the completion of the order.

Final Words

Now you know how easy it is to add direct bank transfer method in WooCommerce online store. However, we recommend you use this for getting money within country from a local store. For international money transaction, ensure that it works fine in one or two cases before you rely on it.

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    • Within same country/bank, generally there should be no transaction fee. For cross country/currency, it should exactly work how the finance system works with your bank.

      Generally, payer will pay the exact money shown in the shopping cart and the receiver will borne the transaction fee.


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