What is Server Response Check in Yandex Webmaster Tools?

Yandex Server Response Check

Yandex offers a feature called “Server Response Check” similar to fetch as Google to help webmasters troubleshoot the pages with errors which are not indexed in the searches by YandexBot. In order to use this feature you must have added and verified your site in Yandex Webmaster Tools.

How to Access this Option?

The link to the tool is available in multiple places:

  • Once you logged in to your Yandex Webmaster Tools account, you can see the list of options available in the right side under “My Sites” section including the “Server Response Check” link.
  • “HTTP Codes” option available under “Indexing”.
  • Excluded Page” option available under “Indexing”.

Server Response Check under My Sites
Server Response Check under My Sites

Server Response Check under HTTP Codes
Server Response Check under HTTP Codes

How to Use this Server Response Check Tool

The purpose of this tool is to see the response received by YandexBot so that webmasters can use the results to correct the error. Click on the “Server Response Check” link and you will see the page like below:

Server Response Check in Yandex Webmaster Tools
Server Response Check in Yandex Webmaster Tools

  • Enter your web page URL which you want to troubleshoot. The URLs with errors can be seen under the “Excluded Pages” section. Remember to enter the correct URL with or without WWW, else you will completely get a different response.
  • Select the Yandex indexing robot type, for web access select “Yandex main indexing robot” option from the list.
  • Click on the “Check” button.
  • You will see the results along with the response code. The response code will help you to analyze the error and troubleshoot accordingly.
  • Click on the “page content” link to see the content of your page as seen by YandexBot. In case of malware affected sites the content what is seen by search engines will be different than the content what you see in the browser. This page content option help you to check what exactly the content seen by YandexBot and take corrective action.

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