9 Ways to Find Good Topics for Your Articles

Dreaming of running a blog? The first and important thing to run a blog is to start writing unique content. Even you have a business site, writing articles a few times each week is beneficial for your online business. However, at times it can be difficult to search for good topics for your article. Do you find yourself writing one article after another only to come up with a blank on what to write about next? Most likely this has happened to all of us at one or other time.

Whenever it happens to you there are a few things that you can do to help in finding fresh ideas.

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9 Ways to Find Good Topics for Your Articles

The following are a few good sources to find fresh article content.

  1. Read similar blogs
  2. Message boards
  3. Discussion groups
  4. Online news sites
  5. Subscribe to Ezine
  6. Start a survey
  7. Read variety of articles
  8. Think of new interesting topics
  9. Keep your mind open

1. Similar Blogs

Blogs are excellent places to find fresh ideas for your article since a variety of issues are always taking place. All throughout the day, you can find individuals sharing their views, ideas, experiences and concerns. Remember not to copy or reproduce the content from other blogs. You can always read through their blogs to get an innovative idea when you are struck.

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2. Message Boards

Message boards are another good source of information. Keep up with the discussions that are trending and see what things people are talking about. Many bloggers write on the trending topics that they read on the message boards.

3. Discussion Groups or Forum

Join a few discussion groups or forums and don’t hesitate to get involved in the conversations. Important point here is you should choose the appropriate discussion group that suits your interest to know what information people are interested in. Not only you will get ideas for your articles, but you can also learn a lot that will help in your blogging while making a few new contacts. A number of groups worth joining are Google Groups, Yahoo Answers, Digital Point Forums, and Warrior Forum. You can also Google for the most appropriate type of group for your interest.

4. Online News Sites

You need to do some research before writing articles to help your readers well informed. One way is to track the latest trend on your interested area with the latest Internet marketing news. Besides blogging, it can also be very beneficial if you run an online business. These online news sites are not just for creating articles but also for staying informed of new trends, ideas, technology, and much more.

5. Subscribe to Ezine Lists

EzineArticles can offer you a goldmine of valuable information as well as ideas. They enable you to stay up to date on the latest products, features, business opportunities, markets, and many others. You can use some of this information to produce excellent content.

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6. Start a Survey

Create a brief survey and submit it to your subscribers, colleagues or discussion groups. It’s important to provide your readers with the right information they are looking for. As an example, you can float questions like – What kind of questions are you seeking about Internet marketing? Or What types of resources are you looking for that you are not able to find? Questions like these could provide you with some creative article ideas.

7. Read Variety of Articles

Reading a variety of articles can help you develop a new angle for a worn-out idea. It often helps when getting different viewpoints on the same old subject. For example, you want to write tutorial articles about “WordPress”.  You can buy a physical or online eBook and read the content to learn and get new ideas.

Alternatively, you can look on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter news feed to get articles for relevant hashtags.

8. Choose New Interesting Topics

Sometimes, writing within a specific scope can be a daunting task and you may easily run out of ideas. In such situations, consider choosing a new topic relevant to your niche. Try doing some research on the topic and then turning it into a creative article. This is often an excellent method to educate yourself while you are promoting your online business. For example, when your niche is about “WordPress tutorials”, you can always publish relevant content from plugins, themes, hosting, website builders, etc.

9. Keep an Open Mind

You should always keep an open mind and eye out for new article ideas. Eventually, you will start to identify fresh ideas effortlessly whenever browsing the Internet. You never know when a new idea pops up. Maybe you can get a new idea while sitting in recliner or watching TV. Remember to keep a notebook handy, if you don’t write down the ideas immediately, you won’t remember them the next day.

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Final Words

Bear in mind, people are looking for basic, straightforward, information that is helpful for their needs. Therefore, do not write articles using complex words instead use simple English and make them easy to understand. Create your article just as if you were speaking directly to the reader and providing the most effective way to help them. Remember, content is one of the most powerful marketing methods in today’s online world. Never let a little doubt hold you back from creating the best content for your online success!

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