WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

Using keyboard shortcuts in WordPress will save you lot of time during content editing and comments moderation. This is also an easy way to format your content faster rather than selecting the options from toolbar icons, especially in distraction free mode where the toolbar is restricted to a few. There are also shortcuts which do not have equivalent icons resulting in not using that function if you are not aware of the keyboard shortcut.

Here is a complete guide of WordPress keyboard shortcuts for Windows / Linux based PCs and macOS based Mac.

1. Shortcuts Help in Classic Editor

When you use the classic editor, you can view the list of shortcut keys by clicking the “?” icon available under “Kitchen Sink” toolbar in your WordPress post editor as shown below.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts Help
WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts Help

You can also open this shortcuts help by pressing “Alt + Shift + h” in Windows and “Option + Shift + h” in Mac.

1.1. Shortcuts for Content Editing

Below is the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for WordPress editor in Windows and Mac.

  • + sign indicates holding previous key and then pressing next key in the sequence. You need not to press + key in the keyboard.
  • In Mac “Option” button is same as “Alt” button.
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Windows Keyboard ShortcutMac Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + ZCommand + ZUndo
Ctrl + YCommand + YRedo
Ctrl + XCommand + XCut
Ctrl + VCommand + VPaste
Ctrl + UCommand + UUnderline
Ctrl + PCommand + PPrint
Ctrl + LCommand + KInsert or edit link
Ctrl + ICommand + IItalic
Ctrl + HomeCommand + Up ArrowTop of document
Ctrl + EndCommand + Down ArrowEnd of document
Ctrl + CCommand + CCopy
Ctrl + BCommand + BBold
Ctrl + ACommand + ASelect all content
Ctrl + 9Command + 9Address format
Ctrl + 6Command + 6Heading 6 (H6)
Ctrl + 5Command + 5Heading 5 (H5)
Ctrl + 4Command + 4Heading 4 (H4)
Ctrl + 3Command + 3Heading 3 (H3)
Ctrl + 2Command + 2Heading 2 (H2)
Ctrl + 1Command + 1Heading 1 (H1)
Alt + Shift + ZOption + Shift + ZShow or hide Kitchen Sink toolbar options
Alt + Shift + XOption + Shift + XAdd or remove code tag
Alt + Shift + WOption + Shift + WDistraction free writing mode
Alt + Shift + UOption + Shift + UUnordered list
Alt + Shift + TOption + Shift + TInsert more tag
Alt + Shift + SOption + Shift + SRemove link
Alt + Shift + ROption + Shift + RAlign right
Alt + Shift + QOption + Shift + QBlock quote
Alt + Shift + POption + Shift + PInsert page break
Alt + Shift + OOption + Shift + ONumbered list
Alt + Shift + NOption + Shift + NSpelling check (if spelling check is activated)
Alt + Shift + MOption + Shift + MInsert media
Alt + Shift + LOption + Shift + LAlign left
Alt + Shift + JOption + Shift + JAlign justify text
Alt + Shift + HOption + Shift + HKeyboard shortcuts help
Alt + Shift + DOption + Shift + DStrikethrough of selected text
Alt + Shift + COption + Shift + CAlign center
Alt + Shift + AOption + Shift + AInsert or edit link

1.1.1. Adjusting Distraction Free Writing

You can adjust the distraction free writing using the below shortcuts.

2. Activate Shortcuts for Comments Moderation

Unlike visual editor shortcuts, comments shortcuts in WordPress need to be activated in your admin dashboard under “Users > Your Profile”.

Enable WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments
Enable WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments

2.1. Shortcuts for Comments Moderation

There are two types of comments shortcuts available in WordPress.

  • Individual Comment Actions
  • Bulk Comments Actions
2.1.1. Individual Comment Actions Shortcuts:
Keyboard ShortcutFunction
jSelect comment or move down
kSelect comment or move up
sMarking as spam
zRestore deleted comment from trash
uUnapprove and move comment back to moderation
rReply inline
qQuick edit inline
eNavigate to edit screen
2.1.2. Bulk Comments Actions Shortcuts:
Keyboard ShortcutFunction
xSelect comment for bulk action when it is highlighted or select all comments
Shift + xToggle select or deselect comments
Shift + aApprove selected comments
Shift + sMark as spam all selected comments
Shift + dDelete all selected comments
Shift + uUnapprove all selected comments and move back to pending for moderation
Shift + tDelete selected comments
Shift + zRestore selected comments from trash

Remember, when you use browser extensions the extension shortcuts may clash with the WordPress editor shortcuts. For example, Mozilla Firefox browser offers various extensions like Keyconfig, Mouseless, Nostagy, etc., to define your own shortcuts. This may overwrite the hotkeys used in WordPress editor.

3. Shortcuts Help in Gutenberg Editor

WordPress introduced a new Gutenberg editor with the release of version 5.0. Gutenberg editor has new shortcuts and you can access the help by clicking on the setting icon and then choosing “Keyboard Shortcuts” option.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Gutenberg Editor
Keyboard Shortcuts in Gutenberg Editor

Alternatively, you can press “Control + Option + H” keys to open the shortcuts help in Gutenberg editor.

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Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

As Gutenberg is a block editor, it has different shortcuts compared to the previous classic editor.

Gutenberg Mac ShortcutsDescription
Control + Option + HOpen shortcuts help.
Command + SSave changes.
Command + ZUndo
Shift + Command + ZRedo
Shift + Command + ,Toggle sidebar settings.
Control + Option + OOpen navigation block menu.
Control + ` (or)
Control + Option + N
Navigate next part of the editor.
Control + Shift + ` (or)
Control + Option + P
Navigate to previous part of editor.
Option + F10Navigate to nearest toolbar.
Shift + Option + Command + MToggle code and visual editors.
Command + ASelect selection.
EscapeClear selection.
Shift + Command + DDuplicate selected blocks.
Control + Option + ZDelete selected blocks.
Option + Command + TInsert new block before.
Option + Command + YInsert new block after.
Change block type after adding new paragraph/
Command + BBold
Command + IItalic
Command + UUnderline
Command + KConvert text to link.
Shift + Command + KRemove link.
Control + Option + DStrikethrough
Control + Option + XChange monospace font.

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