How to Add Weebly Pro Header Slideshow in Non-responsive Themes?

Weebly Pro header slideshow option is one of the eminent features of the Weebly Pro pack which can be ideally used for landing pages.  The look of your page will become beautiful with the images sliding in the header. You can also link each images to different pages in your site to increase time spent on your site by the user. Unfortunately Weebly disabled the header slideshow feature in all responsive themes but you can still add slideshow in header following this tutorial. In this article we will discuss how to add header slideshow in non-responsive themes for Weebly Pro and better plan users.

How to Create a Header Slideshow?

Non-responsive themes will have different header types (or page layouts). So when you are creating a page to add header slideshow select the page layout as tall header, short header or landing page according to your  requirement. Obviously no header layout will not have any header image, so you should not select this header type for creating header slideshow.

Select Page Layout
Select Page Layout

Prepare the images with appropriate size for suiting the selected header size. You can view the header image size using inspect element option in the browser.

Finding Header Image Size in Weebly
Finding Header Image Size in Weebly

Once your image are ready, go to Weebly editor and move the mouse over the header image. You will see the option for creating a slideshow as shown in the below picture.

Creating Header Slideshow
Creating Header Slideshow

Click on the “Create Slideshow” option and upload all your images.

Customizing the Slideshow

You can add captions to each image and also link the image to any page on your site. Any point of time you can add or delete images to the slideshow.

Editing Weebly Header Slideshow
Editing Weebly Header Slideshow

Choose transition style, navigation style, slide delay and dot position for your slideshow. Once you complete the customizations, check out the preview of your customizations before saving the changes.

You have the following three options for saving your slideshow:

  1. Save only to that particular page
  2. Save to all pages in your site and
  3. Save only to the selected pages in your site.

These saving options allow you to enable different slideshows for different pages of your site or you can choose no header page layout to remove the header completely.

Features of Header Slideshow

  • Gives excellent look for landing pages
  • Option to enable links to the images
  • Option to edit the slide images using image editor
  • Various transition styles can be selected
  • Various styles of arrows and dots can be selected
  • Slide delay can be set as required
  • Option to enable header slideshow on all pages or one page or any selected pages

Weebly Header Slideshow Overview
Weebly Header Slideshow Overview

Alternate Option for Free Users

Weebly free users can also get the header slideshow by editing HTML/CSS without upgrading to Pro account. Learn more about creating header slideshow for free Weebly site here. If you are looking for alternative to the default slideshow element then check out the free Nivo slider widget for Weebly site with different styles.

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  1. i contacted weebly support because the theme i am using is not allowing for header slideshows. support said to change theme. I like ‘calm/collected’ theme. i need help locating code (landing html, i presume) to add to create header slide show. I do have pro version, but no slideshow option presents under edit image for this theme, again per weebly support. any ideas?

    • Most of the responsive themes do not have header slideshow option, you can check by selecting one of the old non-responsive theme to see the option available. People buy Weebly Pro by looking at the header slideshow option which is actually not available with latest themes.

      • I am having the same problem as kent…I have not tried a non responsive theme yet, but what will happen if i do? I do not understand why i can’t have the slideshow header when I have pro — and there are so many things that really make customization difficult even with pro which is very frustrating :(

  2. i am using weebly website builder pro version.
    but i do not like the headline on the landing page slideshow.
    how to remove the headline (i have managed to remove the button)


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