Top 6 Weebly Alternatives for Website Building

We are in the website building field for the past 10 years. We started this website with Blogger and moved to Weebly, later settled with Earlier there were few companies like Weebly offering website builders with unique features. However, things changed rapidly in past few years. Nowadays, almost every premium hosting company out there offer free website builder as part of their shared hosting plan. They offer site builder either with their own brand or Weebly on iCloud. At this point, if you are looking for professional website builders, you should evaluate Weebly and other alternatives.

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Weebly Alternatives

Other than Weebly, there are many website builders available online. Each of them have unique set of features, pricing and targeting different customer base. Weebly is good with drag and drop site builder. However, it is not everything for building a website. Other companies also offer similar features like Weebly with similar pricing structure. Important point before choosing the website builder is to define your current and future needs. This will help to compare the features and choose the best website builder out there.

Weebly Alternatives

Hosted Website Builders

Weebly offers free hosting while charging for using their website builder online. This is one of the successful business model for capturing small business owners. Many other companies follow similar model that you can consider for alternatives to Weebly.

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We have written a comparison of Weebly Vs to give you an overview of both these platforms. is an excellent blogging platform that uses open source WordPress software. Pricing is higher compared to Weebly for building an online store and removing footer advertisements. However, you have variety of themes and plugins to custom the site for your need.   

2. Wix

Wix is a NASDAQ listed company that offers large number of templates to build your website. Wix supports 150 million websites to display themselves as a strong player in free hosting website builders. Starting from logo to custom blog, you can get everything under single umbrella. Pricing is similar to Weebly with the lowest “Connect Domain” plan costing less $5 with Wix ads on the footer. All plans include free SSL and 14 days money back guarantee. You can safely try Wix and cancel the subscription within 14 days if you are not happy. Checkout the complete comparison of Weebly Vs Wix.

Wix Editor
Wix Editor

3. Squarespace

If you want to get rid of the word “free”, but still do not want to worry about hosting then Squarespace is for you. There are no free plans available with Squarespace. The lowest premium plan is “Personal” that will cost you more than $11. You can easily subscribe to Weebly Pro for this price. However, you can start with a free trial and drive through the features before you decide to purchase. They also offer end-to-end services from domains, emails, website builder and online store.

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4. Yola

Yola offers different plans based on number of pages and storage. Unfortunately, the free plan offers only 2 pages with 1GB storage. Weebly’s free plan at least includes unlimited pages with 500MB storage. The lowest premium bronze plan will cost you $4.95 with 1000 pages and 2GB storage limit. This essential means you cannot upload large PDF or files and offer downloading option for users. In order to remove the Yola footer ads, you have to upgrade to silver plan that will cost you $11.95. This is similar to Weebly Pro that will cost $12 for removing footer ad.

Yola Site Builder
Yola Site Builder

Yola uses Ecwid (ECommerce WIDget) to integrate online stores and you need to pay additional $10 per month for this. So, if you are looking for Weebly alternative to host your online store then Yola is not an option for you. Checkout the complete comparison of Weebly and Yola website builders.

 5. Jimdo

Jimdo is another platform you can check out as a Weebly alternative. The free plan is limited with 5 pages, 500MB storage and 2GB bandwidth. The premium plans are costlier than Weebly with similar range of features. You have to sign for minimum 12 months contract with an option for 14 days money back guarantee. The VIP plan for online sellers is similar to Weebly’s business plus with additional options like business listings. However, basic and business plans have restriction on number of pages and storage, which is not the case with Weebly.

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6. Webs

Webs offer one of the simple pricing plans among all website builders out there. ­They do not even list their free plan as part of the pricing plans table. However, you can create free website with a subdomain that shows Webs ads. The lowest premium plan is “Starter” that will cost you $5.99 per month with 1GB storage space. You can consider Webs as Weebly alternative only for building a website. We do not see comparable online feature are available with Webs.  

Other Weebly Alternatives That Needs Hosting

As you can, almost all the alternatives are having one or other problem when comparing with Weebly. Therefore, the best Weebly alternative in our opinion is to move on to premium hosting platforms. is one of the best option that we opted. However, you can use Bootstrap website builders like Mobirise. Though you need to purchase hosting, biggest advantage is that you can build your site completely offline.

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