Review of HostGator Website Builder Plan

Normally what you will expect of a web host provider is to provide you with viable hosting service. Well, that is not the case with this HostGator website builder plan. Apart from offering normal web hosting services, HostGator offers something different with the website builder plan. The plan allows you to build your own website without the technical jargon attached to website building. It is one thing to build a website and another thing entirely to have to look for where to host the website.


HostGator website builder plan eliminates this headache by combining hosting with website building. For a company with an international presence such as HostGator, this plan can prove useful to its potential customers seeking such service. However, we must look into the plan to ascertain if it is actually worth investing your time and money into it.

Website Builder Plan Features

As technology advances, highly technical stuff such as website building has become easier for just anybody to do. That is what HostGator website builder plan offers you, the ability to simply drag, drop, and publish your site at a click of a button. Even a novice will be astonished how easy and swift it is to create a new website.

HostGator Website Builder Plans
HostGator Website Builder Plans

One thing about Website Builder plan is that there is a template for just any type of site you intend to build. These templates are also mobile-friendly. There are three different plans under the website builder plan.

HostGator Website Templates
HostGator Website Templates

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Starter Plan

This plan is good for those starting out as a newbie website builder. The plan comes with free hosting and 1-year domain name registration as well as customizable templates for your site. There is a free SSL Certificate along with website analytics and drag and drop features as you build your site. The number of pages you can create is also unlimited. You are also not bugged with unnecessary ads. Furthermore, there are ad vouchers of $200 worth.

The Starter plan goes for $3.84 per month.

Premium Plan

This plan entails everything that the starter plan has to offer with an additional feature of priority support. That means your request and queries are given greater importance than those on the starter plan. The Premium plan goes for $5.99 per month.

eCommerce Plan

This plan is best for those that run online and eCommerce store. It is best equipped to deal with the heavy traffic that comes with running an eCommerce store. The plan has everything both starter and premium plan has to offer plus additional features such as inventory management, shipping, and tax calculator as well as coupons. The plan is billed at $9.22 per month.

Support System

The support staff available to you all through the year even on leap years with a 24/7 support system. All your queries and issues are attended to via LiveChat, Phone, and Email. Furthermore, both the premium and eCommerce plans are afforded priority support for a quicker resolution to your issues. It is has a huge knowledge base to provide you with answers to most of your questions before you even ring up the support.


Apart from SSL Certificate that gives your site more security and authenticity, there are also password protection features to go with it. The plan doesn’t elaborate much on any other security features.


The bandwidth is unmetered as well as the storage to give you faster access to your page. You are also assured of an uptime rate of 99.9% to guard against both server and network failures. The unmetered bandwidth and storage mean there is no hard limit imposed. Although, there something similar to what we can call fair usage policy on both the storage and bandwidth usage.

Additional Features

Extra features that you will get with the plan include the ability to access your site through the company mobile app. So, this way you can update and work on your site on the go. Additionally, there are analytics features that are simple to understand and easy to use. This gives you the ability to preview your site performance and this feature is available to all website builder plans. Furthermore, you can easily add social media tools, which enable you to incorporate live feeds from your social media accounts. There is also an option to insert GSuite productivity tools.

The Downsides

First, the starting price is a discounted price for first term purchase; you should expect an increase in price on subsequent payment. Both the starter and premium plans are ill-equipped to handle eCommerce stores, which means you, have no choice but to opt for the e-commerce plan. This can be disadvantageous if you are just starting out your e-commerce store. You should not be expected any free trial too. You pay for the plan you need straight away. Besides, HostGator has one of the most expensive prices in the market. The regular price for starter, premium, and eCommerce goes for $9.98, $12.98, and $24.98 per month respectively.

HostGator Website Builder Price
HostGator Website Builder Price


HostGator is truly a global web hosting company with presence all over the globe. As such, the service you should be expecting from them is truly world-class service. They have shown over the years that they are a dependable and reliable web hosting service provider. That is why over 200,000 customers trust them enough to do business with them. They have a robust system to serve their customers. For example, as of November 29, 2011, the company has engaged about 5 million live chats with customers.

Review of HostGator Website Builder Plan From $3.84
Gator Website Builder

Product Name: Gator Website Builder

Product Description: Gator website builder is a conventional approach to build website through traditional hosting companies. You can use drag and drop website builder with pre-defined themes to build your own website quickly.

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Overall, the website builder plan is a worthy time and money investment. The plan is feature-rich to cater for almost anything you will need in building the site you want. Each plan is tailored fitted to match different customers’ needs and requirements. The plan you will eventually go for now depends on your budget and requirements. Nevertheless, we hope that with this review you have more than enough information to make an informed decision on the type of plan that best suits your agenda.


  • Good alternative to free hosting website builders like Weebly and Wix.
  • Drag and drop website builder with ecommerce features.


  • Keep the renewal rates in mind that they much higher than the initial term.
  • Not as flexible as Weebly or Wix.

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