Basics and Types of Weebly Apps

Apps are generic elements offering any kind of features to Weebly users and can be sold on App Center. For example, “Price Chart” is an app allows users to add pricing tables on their site. The app can be free or premium based on the developer’s choice and need to be connected to individual sites from the App Center.

Accessing Weebly App Center
Accessing Weebly App Center

Apps can offer one of the three features:

  1. Backend services – like mailing list.
  2. Elements – similar to Text element or any other element in Weebly site editor.
  3. Themes – similar to Weebly themes.
  4. Dashboard Cards – information box which you can see it on the dashboard.

Apps are containers for various things that are installable and merchandized in the Weebly App Center. They are ZIP files that contain, along with all the code, a manifest file that contains configuration metadata for your app, and assets used to display and market your app in the App Center.


Topics Covered:

Backend Services

Weebly backend service is an app sold in App Center which can be a drag and drop element on site editor or a service like mailing list which directly integrates with Weebly. Developers and third party companies can develop backend services and sell in App Center marketplace.


Elements are general objects which can be sold as an app in Weebly App Center. They can be connected to individual sites and dragged and dropped like default Weebly elements on site editor.

All connected apps can be viewed under individual sites and can be disconnected any point of time from the App Center.

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View Connected Weebly Apps
View Connected Weebly Apps


Theme is a packaged app and can be offered through Weebly App Center by any developers. Users can install the theme from App Center on their site similar to default themes. At this moment, we are not seeing any third party themes are offered on App Center, hence it is not clear how the entire installation process will work.

Unlike apps which can be connected easily we may need to wait and see how themes can be sold and integrated on an existing site. If you are a theme developer, it is recommended to develop responsive themes to sell on App Center. Weebly also indicated they will be supporting responsive themes and shift out all non-responsive themes.

Weebly Beautiful Themes
Weebly Themes

Display Cards

Display cards are the information boxes you will see on the Weebly dashboard. It will fetch the data from the connected app and show important data on the dashboard. A simple example os dashboard card is the Weebly Stats card which will show the analytics data for a selected site on your account.

Weebly Dashboard Cards
Weebly Dashboard Cards
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