5 Things You Can Do with Weebly Dashboard

Weebly introduced a new dashboard as part of Carbon upgrade. In this article we will explore 5 useful things that can be done right from your Weebly dashboard.

Weebly Dashboard

Change Language

Weebly is being offered in different languages as listed below:


If you feel comfortable in working with any of the above listed languages, then navigate to bottom right corner on the dashboard after you login to your account. Choose the required language by clicking on the “English”.

Choose Language in Weebly
Choose Language in Weebly

Copy and Delete Site

You can copy or delete the sites from your account right from the dashboard. Once you have chosen the site from the dropdown click on the button with three dots at right corner. There are two options – “Copy Site and Delete Site” which helps to copy / delete the selected site.

Copy and Delete Weebly Site
Copy and Delete Weebly Site

Accessing Weebly Community Forum

Recently Weebly also introduced a support forum to discuss site-specific issues and provide feedback on features. On the Weebly dashboard your account name is displayed on top right corner. Just click on the account name and then click on “Support” option, which will take you to Weebly community forum.

Accessing Weebly Community
Accessing Weebly Community

Deleting Weebly Account

For any reason if you want to delete your Weebly account permanently, click on your account name on the dashboard and then click on the “Account” link. You will see your account details as shown in the below picture:

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Weebly Account Details
Weebly Account Details

You have the following options available:

  1. Click on the “Permanently delete your Weebly account” button to delete your account.
  2. You can revert back the dashboard to older versions. Since it has been more than six months with the new dashboard, we strongly recommend you to start using the new dashboard before this option is disabled.
  3. View services, payment method, linked merchant account and order history.
  4. Edit your profile to reset the password or change the account email id.

Exporting Contact Form Emails

Contact forms are used for multiple purposes and often you need to use the details obtained from the contact forms with third party services. In such scenarios you need to export the form details which can be done right from your Weebly dashboard. Click on the form name under “Form Entries” section and select all to export as a CSV file to your local computer.

Exporting Weebly Contact Form Details
Exporting Weebly Contact Form Details

The exported file will look something like below which can be used for further processing.

Downloaded Contact Form in CSV Format
Downloaded Contact Form in CSV Format

Other than the above explained things, you can also view your site traffic statistics, track updates from Weebly through Weebly blog and inspiration center from the dashboard.

Weebly Dashboard Chrome Extension

Weebly also offers an extension for Google Chrome to access the dashboard from the browser.

Weebly Dashboard Extension
Weebly Dashboard Extension

You can edit your site, view submitted comments, form entries and view site stats using this dashboard extension.

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