What is Baidu Manual Ping Service?

Baidu manual ping service helps webmasters to submit their blog feed URL manually to Baidu search engine. This helps Baidu to crawl and index the pages quickly and show it in the relevant search result pages. Baidu ping service can be accessed both from the Baidu webmaster tools account as well as directly without logging into your account.

Follow the below steps to submit your blog feed to Baidu without logging into webmaster tools account:

  • Click here to access Baidu manual ping service.
  • Enter your blog feed URL and click on the submit button.
Enter Blog Feed in Baidu Ping Service
Enter Blog Feed in Baidu Ping Service
  • You will see a message in Chinese saying “Congratulations, your blog address or RSS address has been successfully submitted” as shown in the below picture.
Success Message in Baidu Ping
Success Message in Baidu Ping

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