5 Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

Few years back it was not so easy to build a successful website. Now the situation is different that building a site is never been easier than before. Thanks to the hundreds of website building packages like WordPress, many individual people had tremendous success with their site as a blogger. These all factors drive youngsters to choose blogging as their full time career instead of going for traditional 9 to 6 job. It’s a good sign to dream on building an own kingdom, but it all depends on how hard you work and understand the world of web. In this article let us explore 5 simple tips to be a successful blogger.

1. Have a Purpose

What is the purpose of your blog – everyday ask this question yourself. If your objective is providing information on particular niche then only focus on doing that task. Improve your knowledge on the niche and start building a community around your site. When time rolls you will find people ask your expert opinion. Most of the users will be ready to pay for your service allowing you to build a business space along with your blog. This is an ideal situation to provide premium services and offer free advises through your blog.

So have a clear purpose for your blog and start building blocks around that purpose. Never starts a blog without having an idea of what will you do after few years.

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2. Patience – Blogging is Like Raising a Tree

A mango tree approximately needs three to five years for yielding fruits starting from a seed. Blog is similar to raising a tree – it needs many years to yield the expected result. You need to patiently do your work for some years without looking at the benefit. Once established then your blog will automatically works for you even when you are sleeping.

90% of the bloggers fail to patiently wait for long time and leave the site to end their online dream abruptly. So fix your horizon for at least three years before choose blogging as your career. Yes, we do agree the time frame may be little high or low based on the niche and the frequency of posting. In general it should take three years for getting 2500 to 3000 visitors per day.

The reason for long waiting time is oblivious. Go to Google and search for the topic you want to write. We bet you will find millions of searches for any given keyword. In such scenario, you need to compete with those millions of existing sites to attract readers to your site. When you write for long time, it is easy to understand that Google needs at least three months to bring traffic to your page (assuming you have published quality content which attracts users).

3. Spend Dedicated Time

You need to spend lot of time at the start for understanding the basics. Running a blog single handedly needs huge effort right from buying a domain to publishing each article. A quality article will take more than a day to write, format and for preparing images. It may even take more than a week time for writing product comparison or in-depth reviews.

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Structure Your Activities

When you decide upon blogging is a career then gear up to do hard work without looking at the clock. Believe us, sometimes you may need to work on the whole night to keep up your commitments or to troubleshoot some silly problem.

4. Invest Money

This is another mistake most of the bloggers will do – start building a site with free platforms like Blogger or Weebly. Simply remember two facts:

  • Open source platforms are different. They grow based on the community-based contribution and backed up with funding from large-scale organizations. Take an example of WordPress – companies take this open source package, develop on their own and sell back to users. These companies contribute to the growth of WordPress (like sponsoring WordCamp) so that they can also grow.
  • What you get is for what you paid. Choose premium theme, plugins and hosting for your site start from the beginning. Do not buy cheap shared hosting plans and end up in termination of your account just for using caching plugins (which utilize large space and resources to create and serve cached pages).

So choose open source platforms and invest smartly to build your site in comfortable space. Every free mistake you make will take long time to correct it. For example, migrating a 500 pages blog from Weebly to WordPress is a hectic task. You may need to pay heavily or spend months together to do it yourself. Also there is no point of dreaming about having a 1000 pages WordPress blog with free themes like twenty seventeen and hosting on a Bluehost shared server. You need to invest sufficient money to create infrastructure for your site’s growth plan.

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5. Structure Your Style

Assuming you have patience, time and money the next important thing is to structure your working style. Avoid directly creating content on the editor without spelling check and proof reading. Following are some simple guidelines for better understanding:

  • Write your content on word processing software like Microsoft Word. Do the spelling and grammar check.
  • If you have time, proof read your content and adjust it for better readability.
  • Prepare featured image, other images, meta description and title.
  • Once everything is ready then login to your site and post your content.
  • Always plan for the activities in advance. Allocate the time and focus on creating the content without distraction.

Structure Your Activities

This kind of structured approach will help you to stand out from the crowd and publish content frequently.


Purpose, patience, time, money and structure are five pillars of successful blogging. Success will be on your footstep when the activities are planned in advance and executed in style. You can always learn from mistakes and work smarter than before. Simply ensure to follow webmaster guidelines and plan for step by step growth.

Never try shortcuts like building unnatural links and spamming other’s sites. These mistakes will cause irreversible failure and end your blogging career.

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