Weebly Pro Vs Yola Silver

There are plenty of free site builders popped up in recent years to cater various needs of users. Weebly and Yola are two such site builders for users. While selecting the free Weebly or Yola plan is always easy at least from the cost perspective. But choosing between Weebly Pro and Yola Silver could be quite challenging. If you are looking to switch or compare between Weebly Pro and Yola Silver then read on to get the complete details. Check out the complete comparison between Weebly Vs Yola.

Weebly Pro Vs. Yola Silver Pricing

Let us first checkout the pricing details before going to the features. Weebly targets small groups and organization through its Pro plan and charges $12 per site per month. Yola also targets similar kind of audience with its Silver plan and charges $8.33 per month per site for annual plan. Below are the available pricing options for Weebly Pro and Yola Silver.

Weebly Pro Pricing:

  • No monthly plan
  • $ 14 / mo for 6 months plan
  • $ 12 / mo for yearly plan
  • $ 9 / mo for 2 years plan

Yola Silver Pricing:

  • $ 14.95 / mo for monthly plan
  • No 6 months or 2 years plan
  • $ 8.33 / mo for yearly plan

Additional Points on Pricing:

  • Both Weebly and Yola offers 30 days money back guarantee on all premium plans except monthly billing.
  • All yearly or 2 years plans include one-year free domain while Yola Silver includes free private registration for one year.
  • Adding online store in Yola Silver plan needs different costing as $24.95 per month or $16.66 per month if charged yearly.

Weebly Pro Features

It was a frustration among Weebly Pro users that there were no new features added for long time. Recently Weebly added couple of attractive features like video backgrounds to the Pro plan. Below is the complete list of Weebly Pro features:

  • Unlimited pages with no Weebly footer ads
  • Custom domain with advanced stats and site search function
  • Password protection and favicon
  • HD video and audio players with video backgrounds
  • Membership site with 100 members and NO registration
  • 25 product elements with 3% transaction fee and checkout on Weebly.com
  • Support through forum, phone, email and online chat.

Yola Silver Features

  • Unlimited pages with 5GB storage space
  • Connect custom domain and no Yola ads
  • Premium themes with access to edit source CSS
  • Mobile publishing with Facebook business page
  • Favicon and password protect pages are available for free users as well

Comparison of Key Features

1. Interface – both Weebly and Yola have drag and drop site builder. You will get familiar with the platform once started using. While on Weebly you need to navigate to multiple screens, on Yola most of the things open in a popup window on the same screen.

Weebly Site Builder
Weebly Site Builder

Yola Site Builder
Yola Site Builder

2. Number of Sites – Weebly allows you to create 10 sites per account but each site should be upgraded to Pro account separately. While Yola Silver plan allows you to create 25 sites per account. Weebly Pro site has no storage limit but each Yola Silver plan site has storage limit of 5GB.

3. Themes – Yola Silver offers hundreds of premium themes for Silver plan users while Weebly does not offer premium themes for paid customers. Weebly allows to import and export the theme, hence using custom third party themes in Weebly is easy though Weebly does not offer support for any third party elements / theme. Yola Silver does not offer exporting or importing themes.

4. Modifications – Yola Silver offers advanced editing options for modifying the backgrounds, titles, fonts, margins, all without having to touch the style sheet. Weebly Pro has very limited theme editing options forcing you to edit the style sheet. Yola Silver comes very handy when a theme needs to be customized.

Yola offers a very flexible design options with independent font control, style control etc. for each of the elements. Weebly has only global control, which affects the site as a whole.

5. Backup and Migration – Weebly Pro allows you duplicate the entire site within the same account. Also Weebly offers site download option for you to download the entire site (except blog posts) and host it else where, making migration easier. Yola does not offer a site download option.

6. Blogging and Multiple Authors – Yola does not offer inbuilt blogging solution, you can embed Tumblr blog on your Yola site. Weebly offers blog with limited capabilities. Weebly Pro offers editors permissions which allow multiple editors to update content independently. Yola Silver does not have an option where multiple people can administer a site.

Weebly Pro Editors Permissions
Weebly Pro Editors Permissions

7. Online Store – creating an online store is a free feature in Weebly with limited capabilities and full-fledged store needs an upgrade to business or performance plan. Online store on Yola Silver needs an additional upgrade costing $16.66 per month in total if charged annually.

8. Social and Forms – Weebly Pro lets you to include file upload option in forms. Yola does not offer file upload option in forms. Yola offers Facebook and other social sharing icons to be included in the site easily. With Weebly, you need to use custom html elements and add embed codes for social sharing icons.


Yola claims they are powering 12 million sites on the web while Weebly claims they powers 40 million sites. Though Weebly Pro has additional features like video backgrounds, Yola Silver has 25 sites in a single account. So it completely depends on your purpose and need to choose Weebly Pro or Yola Silver. Hope you got an idea of the features and pricing comparison between Weebly Pro Vs Yola Silver plans to choose the best fir for your needs.

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