How to Fill Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form for Non-US Residents?

Bluehost is one of the leading hosting service companies and recommended by WordPress from 2005. Bluehost offers an easy affiliate marketing program to help site owners make money from their site by recommending Bluehost services. Once singed up for the program it is mandatory to submit your tax form in order to get affiliate payment from Bluehost.

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The tax form will be available under your affiliate account “settings > tax form”. Based on your residential status you need to select the form for US or non-US. US residents need to fill the form W-9 and others need to fill W-8BEN. Though W-8BEN form is for outside US people, there are many US related fields you can find in the form. This article explains how to fill W-8BEN tax form for those people living outside United States.

Filling Up W-8BEN Form for Non-US Residents

Once you selected “No” radio button to inform you are not a US resident the form displayed will be automatically changed to W-8BEN. The tax form will have the following sections which can be completed in hardly few minutes.

  • Identification of beneficial owner

Filled out personal details like name, address and type of beneficial owner as individual. The confusion part is what to fill SSN, EIN or Foreign Tax Identifying Number for those living outside US like India, China or any other country. Since none of these numbers are mandatory in majority of countries outside US.

  • Social Security Number – Leave it blank
  • EIN – Fill 000000000 in the EIN text box (that is 9 zeroes)
  • Foreign Tax Identifying Number – Leave it blank
EIN in Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form
EIN in Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form
  • Claim of tax treaty benefits

Leave this blank since it will not be applicable for outside US.

  • Notional principal contracts

Leave this section as it is blank.

  • Certification

Click on the checkbox “Yes, I have read and acknowledge certification”.

  • Signature

Fill your full name and the date of submission must have auto filled. You can leave the last field “Capacity in which acting” as blank.

Sign and Submit Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form
Sign and Submit Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form
  • Submit Tax Form

Click on the “submit tax form” and Bluehost will verify the submission in couple of days. You will get a notification email in case of a rejection.

Once submitted there is no option for correcting the details in tax form hence fill out the details correctly.

If required to change any details or the submission is rejected then you need to fill a new tax form and resubmit again.

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  1. The EIN field is no longer there on the Bluehost form. So I left all the boxes blank (except DOB – the form would not submit without filling in that field). I’m Australian. Hopefully I will be approved!

  2. Hi… I submitted my tax form to ActiveCampaign and Bluehost as a foreign individual. ActiveCampaign support asked me to leave everything in the Tax Treaty section empty, except my national tax identification number. So I mentioned that and submitted it. Will it make any problem in terms of deductions etc…

  3. this is not correct. for Canadians, we are under a treaty and do not pay taxes in the US under certain section of the treaty agreement. For example for an Amazon author, you would fill out your SIN number in the tax id, then write Artle 12 in the treaty article area, and add 0% to the tax withhold.

  4. Hi there,

    Is this the way that someone from Canada should also fill out this form? Will Bluehost hang on to any portion of affiliate income generated if the form is filled out this way?

    – David.

    • All residents outside US should fill the form, so we assume this is applicable for Canada as well. We do not see Bluehost will deduct the earnings, this is declaration and the you as the owner should bare the responsibilities of paying tax.


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