How to Delete Weebly in Bluehost and Revert WordPress?

Delete Weebly in Bluehost and Revert WordPress

Bluehost offers integrated Weebly site builder with various plans to build your site. The problem is that you need to choose a domain to login to Weebly through Bluehost and for a free basic plan you do not have an option to choose sub-domain. So if you have installed Weebly on your Bluehost account for testing purpose then you are struck up now since there is no uninstall Weebly or delete Weebly button.

Installing WordPress on Same Weebly Site

WordPress can be installed on the same domain on which Weebly is already installed. You can access WordPress admin dashboard and start building your site but you will not be able to open your WordPress site. When you open your site’s URL it will display your Weebly site instead of WordPress site. The reason is that WordPress looks for index.php file for opening your site but Weebly uses index.html as a home page. This index.html file presenting in the same WordPress root installation will not allow WordPress to open your home page and hence you will always see Weebly site.

How Can I Delete Weebly Installation in Bluehost?

We are not sure why Bluehost does not offer the option for reverting back Weebly when direct Weebly free account has the option of un-publishing or deleting sites.

If you are in such a situation either installed Weebly on an existing WordPress site or wanted to revert back Weebly installation for using the domain for new WordPress then follow the below instructions:

Using cPanel File Manager

  • Log in to your Bluehost hosting account, go to “cPanel” and open “File Manager” as shown in the below picture.
Open File Manager in Bluehost
Open File Manager in Bluehost
  • Choose your WordPress installation directory and click on “Go” button.
Choosing Directory to Open in Bluehost File Manager
Choosing Directory to Open in Bluehost File Manager

Ensure to tick the checkbox “Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)” to view your .htaccess file.

  • Look for index.html file and delete it.
Editing Files in Bluehost File Manager
Editing Files in Bluehost File Manager
  • Select .htaccess file and then click on “Edit” or “Code Editor” button.
Editing .htaccess File
Editing .htaccess File
  • Ensure to select “utf-8” for character encoding. It is recommended to download the backup of your .htaccess file before editing as shown in the warning.
Select Character Encoding for Editing htaccess
Select Character Encoding for Editing .htaccess
  • Delete all the content between #Weebly Additions Start and #Weebly Additions End.
  • Save your changes.

Now open your site in a browser and you should be seeing your WordPress site now.

Alternate Way to Edit .htaccess

You need to be careful in choosing the character encoding and modifying the content of .htaccess file. If you are not familiar or comfortable with editing the file then there is an easy way to do that right from WordPress dashboard.

  • Once you deleted the “index.html” file, login to your WordPress admin dashboard and install “Yoast SEO” plugin.
  • Activate the plugin and navigate to “SEO > Tools” section and click on “File Editor” option.
  • You can see .htaccess file content and delete all the content between #Weebly Additions Start and #Weebly Additions End.
Editing .htaccess File using Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
Editing .htaccess File using Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
  • Update the file by clicking “Save changes to .htaccess”.

You can also use any other plugins for updating .htaccess file.

Using FTP

If you are not interested in installing plugin to edit .htaccess file or using “File Manager” in cPanel then the other option is using FTP.

  • Open FTP client and connect to your Bluehost FTP server account.
  • Navigate to your root directory and delete index.html file.
  • Edit .htaccess file and delete the content between #Weebly Additions Start and #Weebly Additions End.
  • Ensure to select the option for showing hidden files as shown below for FileZilla otherwise you may not be seeing .htaccess file.
Showing Hidden Files in FileZilla
Showing Hidden Files in FileZilla
  • Re upload the modified .htaccess file to server.

Now you will be able to open your WordPress site.

Though deleting index.html and modifying .htaccess is enough, your root directory will still have many other Weebly installation files. If you are familiar with Weebly site structure it will be easy to delete those files as well or else you can just leave them.

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  1. I am using a wordpress site on bluehost and tired to check out the weebly site builder. i am stucked because i cant access my wordpress site again. i have deleted the index.html file and also edited the .htaccess but yet when trying to access my site, i will get a file download.

  2. This was really helpful. I’d like to add for Mac users that cpanel still won’t show hidden files until you add “&showhidden=1” to the end of the URL. I had a hard time getting my .htaccess files and index.html files to show without doing this, so I hope it helps!

  3. This is a great explanation, I was struggling at length with trying to remove weebly from my bluehost account and could not get wordpress to work with weebly still intact. Yes there is no user option to uninstall no matter where you look. I contacted bluehost support online who were able to uninstall for me rather quickly. So readers may want to try that first before they try your guide.

  4. I deleted the index.html file(s). The .htaccess file was MIA in the file manager, but I used the Yoast SEO method and it appeared there. However, everything in Yoast was WordPress related. I can’t find any other Weebly files, but the Weebly home page still shows. If you navigate to any other page on my website, then my “Maintenance Mode” page loads (which is what I want, as I am still editing my WordPress site…but that “Maintenance Mode” page should load as the home page, as well). What else might be allowing the Weebly page to load? Thanks!

    • You can create a new .htaccess file and ensure to delete “index.html” file. You should only have “index.php” with no Weebly related entries in .htaccess file to open WordPress dashboard.

    • Your WordPress site is shown on the browser, probably you should clean your browser’s cache. You should be able to login to dashboard and edit the site now.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Your directions are so clear, even this technologically-challenged teacher was able to navigate them and restore my site!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  6. I installed Weebly to check the features on my existing Bluehost domain with WordPress installation without knowing it will take down my WordPress site.
    This is a wonderful article helped bring back my site and as you mentioned i am surprised why Bluehost does not offer this feature when they offer uninstall for WordPress.

    • Good to know it helped you. We agree when there is an installation there should be an option for uninstall. It seems Bluehost does not seem to handle Weebly hosting as a big deal.

      • Thank you guys. I am a grown man, and I was about to cry over a damn website. You saved my dignity! I have been sitting here for almost an hour freaking out but now…I am so happy. Although I did not mess with the code. I only deleted the index.html file and it worked. Thanks again!


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