Why to Choose Weebly for Building Your Site?

Weebly Site BuilderWeebly is one of the simplest and easy to use website builder tools available in the web. You can build and publish your site online within minutes without having any technical skills. Here are some reasons why to choose Weebly for building your content site.

Drag & Drop Editor

The first point of attraction is the visual design of Weebly’s drag and drop editor interface. You do not need to spend much time on installing or finding plugins like a WordPress site. Though with the limitations you will see clearly what you can do it with Weebly and try it instantly. Elements are grouped in the editor which can be dragged and dropped into the site’s content area to start building your site.

Multimedia Content

Flash content can be added just by adding an element and any audio and video codes can be embedded using custom HTML element called as embed element. Images can be directly dropped in the content area without using image element and Weebly will automatically ask to consider it as gallery or slideshow if multiple images are dropped.

No Ads

The annoying part of most of the free site builders is the ads they display. Ads will distract the users and you do not have any choice to get rid of it unless go for an upgrade. Weebly is promising that they will never place ads including free sites.

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Access to Source Code

Weebly provides access to source HTML and CSS codes of the site which opens unlimited scope for adding anything and everything to your site. you can also import a new theme for your site and use embed element to add custom HTML codes on your pages.

Simple SEO

Adding Analytics or webmaster tools verification code is merely a copy paste work in Weebly. Any type of scripts can be added to individual pages or the whole site just pasting it in the header or footer code section. Setting up 301 redirect for your site is also very easy with Weebly by just entering your old and new URLs.

Weebly SEO Settings

Password Protection

Your Weebly site can be protected by using a password both at site level as well as at individual page level. You can also exclude your complete site or a particular page from search engine’s crawling.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Pages

Weebly offers maximum 10 sites per account and there are no restrictions on number of pages of each site you create with Weebly. You also can upload unlimited number of files within the scope of their terms and conditions.

Weebly restricted number of page to 5 for a free account and 10 for a starter account. This is applicable for any new account created and the old accounts will be still having unlimited pages without any restriction.

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