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QR code or Quick Response Code is a barcode used for multiple purposes. Looking for generating a free QR code for your site? Here is a free online QR code generator that will help to generate QR codes in different sizes.

Free QR Code Generator

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About Free QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

Looking for generating free quick response or QR code for your site? Use this QR code generator tool and create QR code in few seconds.

How to Use QR Code Generator Tool?


Here is how you can use the tool in three steps:

  1. Enter text to encode - you can enter the URL of your site or blog feed URL. When someone scans the code the encoded URL will be opened in browser.
  2. Image Size – this is the size of your QR code. The tool support small sized image starting from 50x50 pixels to large sized image of 500x500 pixels.
  3. Error Correction Level - select error correction level from low to high.

Output Options:

Click on the "Generate" button to create QR code. There are three options available in the next screen.

  1. Save As Image – click this button to save the generated QR code as PNG image in your local drive. You can upload the image anywhere on the web later.
  2. Print – print the code to use the image physically. May be you can paste on the wall or distribute to people to paste on their desks.
  3. Try New – if you are not happy then try to generate a new code for you.

History of QR Code

QR code is similar to barcode and was invented by a Japanese company called Denso Wave. Initially it was used for tracking automobiles, later the usage was expanded for multipurpose.

Structure of QR Code

A QR code has the following five components

  1. Version
  2. Format
  3. Data and error correction keys
  4. Patterns
  5. Quiet zone

The pattern should have three details – position, alignment and timing.

The pictorial representation as per Wikipedia is given below for reference:

Usage of QR Codes

When the user scans the code using QR scanner or QR code reader, the linked URL will be opened. Using blog feed URL in the QR code is one of the easiest ways to reach out users with your latest content.

For example, you can create the QR code with your blog URL as encoded text. Generate the image and upload it on your site’s footer on sidebar area so that users can see it easily.

Smartphones and QR Code

Nowadays there are no need to have separate QR code reader to scan the code. Most of the smartphones have a built-in QR code reader. For example, you can scan the code using iPhone camera without clicking any buttons.

You will be prompted to take action like “Do you want to open the site in Safari?” And tapping on the popup will open the site.

There are also many apps available for scanning QR codes and do further action.

Besides smaller usage for websites, QR codes have very broad usage globally. It is very common to see the vendors accepting payments using QR codes in countries like China. Even the roadside sellers will show you the QR code so that you can use your smartphone to scan and pay through apps like WeChat.

Create QR Code with Google Chrome

Chrome browser offers an easy way to generate QR code a webpage you view. This is useful to create the code and use it later like a readling list. Simply right click on the webpage and choose "Create QR Code for this page" option. You will see the code like below which you can download as a PNG image or scan to open the page in another device.

Generated QR Code with Chrome

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