Plagiarism Checker Tool

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About Plagiarism Checker Tool

Content copying is popular in web and people used to steal other's content to build their site. This is generally called plagiariam or content duplication and affects the search engine ranking of a site. Here is the simple plagiarism checker tool help you to check whether the content is already existing on any other website.

How to Use This Tool?

Paste any text in the text box and click on the "Check for Plagiarism" button. Let us take an example, copy and paste the below text in the text box:

Don’t want to make your hand dirty with WordPress? We do a clean installation service for you to start with world’s most powerful site building platform.

Clicking on the "Check for Plagiarism" button will show you the results like below:

Plagiarism Checker Tool

The entered string appears on at least one time on Google searches, hence the result was showing as "0% Unique Content".

The maximum text length you can paste on the text box should not exceed 1000 words while the minimum limit is 30 characters to check plagiarism. The tool uses API from Google search engine and check the results contain the same text pasted in the box.

Purpose of This Tool

Plagiarism checker can be used for multiple purposes. Here are the two important reasons to use this tool:

  1. This is the easy way to check whether your content is stolen by someone.
  2. When you receive blog posts on your site, use this tool to check whether the submitted content is unique or copied from the web.

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