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About JS Minifier

Using many JavaScript on a webpage drastically will increase the page loading time and affect your SEO. But removing all JavaScript from your site may not be really possible and the workaround is to using compressed files. Generally the JavaScript files will have an extension .js and the compressed files will be with .min.js. Especially when you use framework like Bootstrap, it is necessary to use minified version of script files due to the size. Minification process will remove unnecessary comments, spaces and formatting without affecting the functionality.

Here is a free JavaScript JS minifier tool which has the following two options:

  • Paste the JavaScript code and get the minified output along with download option.
  • Upload up to 10 script files each less than 2MB size and compress all files in bulk to get the compressed files. You can also download all the files without registration or login.

Get your script files minified today and improve the page loading speed of your site.

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