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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa is one of the popular and reliable web analytics company owned by Amazon. It offers a free ranking system for websites based on the traffic data. Though people criticize the ranking mechanism, Alexa ranking is widely accepted among site owners to measure the popularity of a website.

The new site design of Alexa makes it difficult for site owners to find the required details quickly. Here is a free Alexa rank checker tool will help to get the following details of any given website.

Global Rank

This is a global rank of the website generally referred as Alexa rank. This rank is calculated on daily basis automatically. There are many factors used to calculate the rank like average daily visitors to the site and the pageviews for the last 3 months. Obiviously the website with the highest pageviews and visitors will be ranked as #1.

Popular in Which Country

There are many website owners target their sites for local users. The best example is a local business or news sites with targeted readers from specific regions and language. Here you can find the website is receiving most of the traffic from which country in the world.  

Regional Rank in the Popular Country

This is the rank of the site in the popular country. The country rank is also calculated similar to the global rank based on the visitors and pageviews on daily basis.

Number of Alexa Backlinks

Number of backlinks detected by Alexa tool that are pointing to the website. 


In addition to the above traffic details, the Alexa rank checker tool will also provide the below two graphs:

1. Traffic Rank Graph

Generally the traffic rank graph is shown for those sites ranking within 1 million. If your site is not ranked within 1 million then you may not be seeing the graph details. The traffic data will be shown in the graph for the perdio of last one year.

2. Search Engine Traffic Graph

The second graph is a search engine graph which will show you the percentage of traffic received from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. This is a good indicator for the website owners to understand whether they receive sufficient organic traffic from search engines. The higher percentage indicates that the site is ranked well in Google and the lower percentage indicates that the ranking is poor.

Alexa Widgets

Once embedding traffic widgets from Alexa on websites was popular. But Alexa discontinued the widgets, hence the only way for webmasters to monitor the ranking is to go the site or use this free tool.

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