Free Domain Tools

Get details of any domain

URL Rewriting Tool

Convert your dynamic URL to static URL using this rewriting tool for free.

WWW Redirect Checker

Check whether your website redirects properly from non-www version to www version using this tool.

Domain Hosting Checker

Want to find the hosting company of any of your favorite websites? Use this tool to get it done in a click.

Server Status Checker

Check whether the hosting server is online or down using this server status checker tool.

Domain Age Checker

Check the age of any domain to find how long the domain exists online.

HTACCESS Redirect Generator

Generate redirect using .htaccess file for pointing non-www version of your website to www version. 

Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Check whether the domain name is available for registration in bulk using this free tool.

Blacklist Lookup

Check whether your domain name is blacklisted in popular public databases.

WHOIS Loopup

Get the WHOIS data for any of the domain to find who owns the domain and the details of the registrar.

DNS Lookup

Check and find the DNS servers details of any domain with this DNS lookup tool.

Other Free SEO Tools

We have 80+ free SEO tools for you!!!

IP Tools

Find your IP address and do reverse IP lookup, domain IP lookup, bulk geo IP locator and find Class C IP.

Search Engine Tools

Use these tools to find the indexing status, review your site, simulate spider, generate Robots.txt and do much more!!!

Link Tools

Check and analyze backlinks using these free link tools. You can also build automatic backlinks for new websites.

Meta Tags Tools

Check, analyze and generate meta tage for your website including Open Graph and Twitter Cards meta tags.

Content Tools

Check plagiarism in your articles, find word count and analyze keywords using these free content SEO tools.

Web Tools

Web tools help you to check the downtime, generate QR code, do reverse image search, check HTTP header and more!!!