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About Broken Links Checker

What is Broken Links?

Broken links are the pages which do not exist any more on the web. There are two types of broken links:

  • Links pointing to external sites or to other pages on your site which do not exist.
  • External sites pointing to the links on your site which do not exist any more.

In both cases users clicking on the broken link will be taken to a error page called "404 Page Not Found". 

Why Should You Avoid 404 Errors?

As a site owner every visitor landing on your site is an opportunity to generate revenue either through advertising or through selling products. So at any cost you should avoid them landing on a error page which will not add value to them. On other hand, 404 page is also served from server thus consuming resources without any value addition. The more utilization of server resources will result in more hosting cost for you.

How to Check Broken Links?

Though it is not possible to avoid broken links on larger sites, it is easy to monitor and take corrective actions. Here is our free broken link checker tool which will help to list out all the links a given page and check any links return 404 HTTP status code from server. Enter any webpage and hit submit button. All internal and external links on that page will be listed along with the HTTP status code returned from the server.

Generally 200 is the correct code while 301 is for redirected links. Broken links will be shown with 404 status code which you can filter and correct it on your site. 

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