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Top 10 Domain Tools to Get Domain Details

05/16/2021 12:00 AM by Editorial Staff in Domain

Here is a list of top 10 domain tools to get all details of any domain name. You can use these tools to find the domain owner, check the hosting server, find your WWW redirect is working and do many other useful things.

1. Domain Hosting Checker

Every website on the internet needs a storage space on a hosting server. Though bigger websites like Google have their own hosting servers, smaller sites need a paid hosting server from a service provider. The success of a website depends on the good quality hosting that can support high traffic. If you like a website and wanted to find the hosting company, you can use this tool to get the hosting server detail in a click.

Get Hosting Details

2. Server Status Checker

Websites can be inaccessible some time due to the various problems. If your own website or your favorite website is not accessible, first thing you need is to check whether the hosting server is online or down. Use this free server status checker tool to find the status of hosting server of a website. If your own site is down, get in touch with your hosting company to check and resolve the issue.

Check Server Status

3. Domain Age Checker

Wonder how long a website exists on the web? Check the age of any domain to find how long the domain exists online. You will be surprised to see that most of the popular websites are there online for more than decades. For example, domain was first registered on 1997.

Check Domain Age

4. Redirect Generator for WWW and Non-WWW Versions

Generate redirect using .htaccess file for pointing non-www version of your website to www version and vice versa. It is important to use one version and redirect the other version to avoid confusing search engines. You have to submit the XML Sitemap for the preferred domain so that Google and other search engines will focus on crawling your preferred domain version.

Generate Redirect

5. WWW Redirect Checker Tool

Check whether your WWW site is resolving to Non-WWW version or vice versa to avoid duplicate content issues. As mentioned, this is important to make sure only one version of your site is the final destination to avoid duplication issue. 

Check WWW Redirect

6. Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Wanted to purchase a domain? You need to first register a domain name from registrars like GoDaddy. You can only purchase the names that is currently available and not purchased by any other owners. Check whether the domain name is available for registration in bulk using this free tool.

Check Domain Availability

7. Blacklist Lookup

There are public databases that maintain the bad domain names to protect website owners. These blacklisted domains are generally the source of spams and illegal activities. You can check whether your domain name is blacklisted in popular public databases using this tool. This tool is also useful to find the details before purchasing a old domain.

Check Blacklist

8. WHOIS Loopup

Each domain should be owned by a owner with a registered details with registrar. You can get the WHOIS data for any of the domain to find who owns the domain and the details of the registrar. Remember, many owners use privacy service to hide the details behind the registrar name to avoid someone directly contacting them.

Get WHOIS Data

9. DNS Lookup

Domain Name System or DNS is the backbone of internet that helps to resolve a domain name to an IP address. Check and find the DNS servers details of any domain with this DNS lookup tool.

Check DNS

10. URL Rewriting Tool

Struggling to remember a length URL that contains many parameters? This is a common situation with PHP forums that create URLs based on sessions and other parameters. You can convert such dynamic URLs to static URLs using this rewriting tool for free.

Convert Dynamic to Static URL


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