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6 IP Tools to Get All IP Address Details

04/28/2021 11:00 AM by Editorial Staff in Domain

Each domain name on the internet has an IP address assigned to it in a numerical format. Since, we can't remember multiple numbers easily, DNS or domain name system helps us to map the domain name into IP address. You can consider DNS as a telephone directory using which you can find the owner details. Hence, DNS is a backbone of the internet and understanding IP addresses is essential part of any website management. In this article, we will show you 6 useful IP tools to get any IP related data you like to get.

Top 6 IP Tool

  1. Find my IP address tool
  2. Bulk geo IP locator
  3. Domain to IP lookup
  4. DNS lookup
  5. Reverse IP lookup tool
  6. Class C IP checker tool

Let us explain each tool in detail.

Useful IP Tools

1. Find Your IP Address

Anytime wonder how to get your own IP address details? Here is s a free tool to find your IP address with single click and get the geo location details like country, city and ISP along with map location. This is useful in situations like testing your connection through ISP and VPN or proxy to make sure your IP is anonymous outside of your current location. In addition, you need to provide your IP number to network administrator for troubleshooting any IT related issues. Instead of looking for your IP address from network settings or using Command Prompt, you can simply open the tool and find your IP address. You can also bookmark this tool so that you can easily access it from the browser.

2. Bulk Geo IP Locator

The above tool helps to find your own IP address. How about finding multiple IP details with single click? Use the free bulk geo IP locator tool to get the location details of up to 20 IP addresses. The tool will show you the city, province, country, ISP, latitude/longitude details of any given IP address.

3. Domain IP Lookup

As mentioned above, each domain name is mapped to a numerical IP address. If you want to find the IP address of any domain, use this free tool. It will give you the IP and ISP details of any of the website using IP lookup function.

4. DNS Lookup

Use this tools if you want to get the complete DNS details of a domain. You can get all the details of a domain like IP address and nameservers details using this free DNS lookup tool.

5. Reverse IP Lookup

As the name indicates, reverse IP lookup is useful to find the domain name from the IP address. You can use this reverse IP lookup tool to provide any IP address and get the domain name mapped to that address. Remember, it is possible that you get multiple domains for a single IP address. This is common when multiple websites are hosted on a single shared hosting server using the same IP address.

6. Class C IP Checker

Get the details of Class C IP addresses used for small networks. Using this free tool, you can get the details of 40 domains with single click.



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