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About Auto Backlink Generator

Backlinks are important to rank high on search engines. Similar to our backlink checker tool, here we have a free backlink creator tool. Enter your site name and hit submit button to automatically generate backlinks from more than 50 sites. All those sites are domain related sites hence it is natural to have link from those sites. The results will be shown along with the created URL and the status.

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What is Backlink?

Backlink is a hyperlink pointing to your site from any external resources. When you have quality content, other website owners tend to refer your content to their readers. Based on this concept, the quality content will get more backlinks from other websites. For Google, this is an indication that the website with more quality backlinks can be ranked higher than other websites with less backlinks.

Natural Vs Unnatural Backlinks

Since number of backlinks will affect the search engine ranking, many webmasters try to get backlinks from other websites. Natural backlink is obtained without any promotional or advertisements. However, people follow many black hat SEO methods to get unnatural backlinks. Below are some indications of unnatural backlinks:

  • A new website having hundreds of backlinks
  • A webpage published few days back has many backlinks
  • Link from unrelated website

If you are planning to be online for long-term then don't follow any of these unnatural link building methods.

Getting Backlinks for New Websites

It is very easy for a reputed website to get backlinks from other websites. However, for a new site owner, this is a challenging task. Therefore, you can use the free auto backlink generator tool to link to the statistical websites. The links are from sites like Alexa, Similarweb, etc. without manually creating a link on their site's content. These links will happen automatically after certain point of time, even you don't create manually. These links may give boost to the new websites compared to leaving spam links on comments and forums. 

However, if you are not comfortable, don't use this tool and focus on building your quality content. As mentioned, these links will happen later point of time when your site grows in site.

You can read our free search engine optimization guide for improving the search ranking of your site. If you have WordPress site, check out our free WordPress SEO guide for beginners.

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