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The power of WordPress is the features it offers and the existing readymade plugins will mostly satisfy your need to build a wonderful site. Besides various features adding shortcode is the one of the ultimate thing WordPress offers which remove the worry of actual coding behind and function and enable the function just by adding a shortcut. Though most of the themes provide special shortcodes by default there is a one plugin provide all type of features under a single umbrella. It is Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress plugin which can be freely downloaded from WordPress plugin repository.

Learn how to remove unused shortcodes from WordPress site.

Features of Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

Shortcode Ultimate offers more than 40 shortcodes as shown below. The advantage of this combo pack is that it will reduce the need of adding many individual plugins. For example, you can easily add tooltip, buttons, tabs, accordion or dropcap which if you may not get in any other single plugin. Shortcodes are classified under different heads like Content, Box, Media, Gallery, Data and Other. Clicking on the tab will highlight the available options for that corresponding selection.

Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin Features
Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin Features

Notable Features

Though there are 40+ free features available in the plugin there are some interesting features to enhance your site.

  • YouTube advanced video embedding option allows you to create a playlist with multiple videos, hide the video controls and make the video responsive to play on mobile devices.
  • Column option allows adding responsive column layouts to your site.
  • Buttons allow you to add different type of CSS buttons with icon front of the text.
  • Tooltip allows you to add instant tooltip pop out for any words on your site without the need of additional plugin.
  • Easy to modify original CSS files to customize the style of each elements.


Shortcode Ultimate plugin can be downloaded from WordPress plugins repository within admin dashboard like any other free plugin. You also have an option to download it from the developer’s site and upload the plugin zip file to server through admin dashboard or using FTP.

After installing, go to “Shortcodes > Settings” to customize the following options:

  • Change the default shortcode prefix from su_ to custom prefix.
  • Add custom CSS code to change the look of any particular widget.
  • Enable shortcode in Gutenberg Paragraph, Shortcode and Classic blocks.
  • Enable shortcodes in text widget and taxonomy descriptions.
  • Add activation key for premium add-ons.


The success of Shortcode Ultimate plugin is the easiness to use. Once installed there will be an “Insert Shortcode” button added in WordPress post editor which can be used to add the required shortcodes instantly. On Gutenberg editor, you can insert the shortcodes using “Shortcode” block.

Using Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin in WordPress
Using Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin in WordPress

There will also be a new menu “Shortcodes” added in admin dashboard navigation section. There are plenty of examples and cheat sheets with actual shortcodes under “Shortcodes > Available shortcodes” menu.

Available Shortcodes

Click on your favorite widget to view the complete details of available options along with a preview.

Premium Features

Besides lot of free features there are three add-ons available as listed below. You can also get the add-ons as a bundle for a discounted price.

Add-onsFeaturesPricingGet Add-on
Extra ShortcodesParallax sections, pricing tables, testimonials, progress bar, content slider, exit pop-up, etc.1 site: $39
2-5 sites: $79
Unlimited: $99
Buy Now
Shortcode CreatorAllows creating unlimited own custom shortcodes.1 site: $39
2-5 sites: $79
Unlimited: $99
Buy Now
Additional SkinsSkins set for heading, accordion, spoiler and tabs.1 site: $39
2-5 sites: $79
Unlimited: $99
Buy Now
Add-on BundleBundled option of all three add-ons1 site: $59
2-5 sites: $99
Unlimited: $149
Buy Now

All add-ons come with one time payment and free lifetime updates. You will also get free 6 months of priority support from the author. This is a best deal if you want to use Shortcodes Ultimate fully on your site.

Shotcodes Ultimate Add-ons
Shotcodes Ultimate Add-ons

Why Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin?

There are very simple and logical reasons why do you consider installing “Shortcodes Ultimate” plugin if it suits your need.

  • Updated frequently with 800,000+ active installs and 5K 5 star ratings.
  • Developer tested the plugin for the latest WordPress version.
  • Though there are many unresolved queries in the support forum, most of the features are working fine when we tested the plugin with various themes.
  • Features are responsive and suitable for mobile devices.
  • Shortcode widget makes your life easier to add features in sidebar and footer area.
  • Free features are white labeled without any backlink or upgrade option (Add-ons are offered separately).
  • Easy to use with the sample code. In most cases you just need to copy and paste it assuming you did not change the shortcode prefix under “Shortcodes > Settings”.
WordPress Reviews and Rating for Shotcodes Ultimate Plugin
WordPress Reviews and Rating for Shotcodes Ultimate Plugin

Below are some examples created with extra set of shortcodes ultimate plugin.

40+ Free Shortcodes


Examples with Codes

Copy & Paste Examples

Free Documentation

Free Cheatsheet

Easy to Use

Notable Features

Accordion, Tabs & Spoiler

Buttons, Columns & Animations

YouTube, Video & Audio Players

WordPress Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin Review Free
WordPress Shotcodes Ultimate Plugin Review

Product Name: Shortcodes Ultimate

Product Description: Shortcodes Ultimate is a free WordPress plugin that offers more than 40 shortcodes for inserting widgets on your site. You can also get premium add-ons to get additional features.


  • Shortcodes Ultimate offers 40+ free features in a single pack helps to avoid installing multiple plugins to get those features.
  • Plugin has easy to use interface with free features are completely free with separate add-ons for upgrade.
  • This is recommended plugin for WordPress users if the listed features are the ones you are looking for.
  • Free Shortcodes - 10/10
  • Plugin Usability - 8/10
  • WordPress User Reviews & Ratings - 8.5/10
  • Examples and Documentation - 9/10
  • Support from Author - 6/10
  • Add-ons Features & Pricing - 8/10


  • One of the best shortcodes plugins available for free.
  • Have more than 40 shortcodes.
  • Frequent plugin update for latest PHP and WordPress versions.


  • Some shortcodes may not work with all themes and need CSS customization.
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