Ultimate Google Search Shortcuts PDF Guide


Everyday billions of searches are done using Google Search to find needed information. Here are some tips and tricks to use Google Search in effective manner for getting quicker results. This guide contains the following tricks:

  • Finding local time
  • Excluding keywords
  • Use of $ symbol
  • Use of + symbol
  • Use of @ symbol
  • Use of # symbol
  • Using _ underscore
  • Using ” ” double quotes
  • Wild card * search
  • OR search
  • Find meaning of a word
  • Range operator
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Unit conversion
  • Searching specific file types
  • Finding local weather
  • Google translator
  • Currency conversion
  • Info: search operator
  • Site: search operator
  • Link: search operator
  • Related: search operator
  • Getting stock quotes
  • I’m feeling lucky tricks

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Google Search is used by everyone for different purposes. Here is an ultimate Google search guide to get quicker results.


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Google Search Shortcuts Guide
Ultimate Google Search Shortcuts PDF Guide