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Download the free PDF guide about Google Chrome for Windows and Mac. This is a 40+ pages PDF eBook covering basic to advanced features of the popular Google Chrome browser. This guide will provide you associated fundamentals and important tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while using Google Chrome.

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Here is a table of contents of the Chrome guide to indicate the topics covered:

Table of Contents

  1. An Ultimate Guide to Google Chrome
  2. Advantages of Google Chrome
  3. Using Omnibox in Chrome
  4. Installing Google Chrome

4.1. Installing Chrome on Windows PC

4.2. Installing Chrome on Mac

  1. Understanding Chrome tabs and windows
  2. Google Chrome Menu
  3. Chrome Settings Page

7.1.   Chrome Basic Settings

7.1.1.   People Settings

7.1.2.   Appearance Settings

7.1.3.   Search Engine Settings

7.1.4.   Default browser

7.1.5.   On Startup

7.2.   Chrome Advanced Settings

7.2.1.   Privacy and security   Content Settings at Site Level

7.2.2.   Languages


7.2.4.   Printing

7.2.5.   Accessibility Settings

7.2.6.   System Settings

7.2.7.   Reset and Cleanup

  1. Using Google Chrome in Windows 10

8.1.   Opening Tabs in Chrome

8.2.   Open New Windows

8.3.   Incognito Mode

8.4.   History


8.6.   Extensions

8.7.   Pin Tab

8.8.   Task Manager


  1. How to Use Google Chrome on Mac?
  2. Right Click Context Menu
  3. Managing Chrome Shortcuts
  4. Drag and Drop
  5. Advanced Features
  6. Chrome Release Channels
  7. Developer Tools
  8. Alternate Browsers
  9. Conclusion

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An Ultimate Guide to Google Chrome
Download Google Chrome PDF Guide