Learn Various Weebly Site Elements

All Weebly elements are part of the site editor and available under “Build” tab. Weebly Site elements are classified into the following categories:

Weebly Site Elements
Weebly Site Elements

  • Basic
  • Structure
  • Media
  • Commerce and
  • More

All these are drag and drop elements which you can simply drag and drop into your website content area.

Basic Elements

Basic Weebly elements are the primary blocks used to build your site. Following are the basic elements:

  • Title
  • Test
  • Image + Text
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Map
  • Contact Form

All basic elements are free to use in the site content area.

Basic Weebly Elements
Basic Weebly Elements

Structure Elements

These elements are used to structure your site and the search box in this category is a Pro element. There are four elements available under this group:

  • Divider
  • Column
  • Search Box (Pro)
  • Button

Weebly Structure Elements
Weebly Structure Elements

Media Elements

Media elements are used to add multimedia to your site and consist of both Pro and free elements.

Weebly Media Elements
Weebly Media Elements

Commerce Elements

Commerce group has two elements:

Product element is used to convert your Weebly site into an online store and AdSense element is used to monetize your online content.

Weebly Commerce Elements
Weebly Commerce Elements

More Elements

Elements which are not covered under the above categories are grouped under “More”.

  • Block Quote
  • Embed Code
  • Poll
  • Social Icons
  • RVSP Form
  • Survey
  • Feed Reader
  • Bookings
  • Forums

Embed code element is one of the important element used to insert custom HTML and JavaScript codes in your pages. You can also display ads in your pages using this element.

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More Weebly Elements
More Weebly Elements

Weebly Blog Elements

Weebly Blog has the following additional elements:

  • Read More Break
  • Flickr Badge
  • LinkedIn Button
  • Blog Archives
  • Blog Author
  • Blog Categories
  • Blog Feed

“Read More Break” is added into “Basic” group and all other elements are grouped under a new group “Blog Sidebar”. These elements can be only seen when you create a new post in your blog page.

Weebly Blog Sidebar Elements
Weebly Blog Sidebar Elements

Drag & Drop Elements

All Weebly elements can be simply dragged and dropped in to the site’s content area.

Drag & Drop Weebly Elements to Your Free Site
Drag & Drop Weebly Elements to Your Weebly Site

You click on any element to see various customizing options applicable to that element. Below is the customizing options for a simple text element.

Customizing Weebly Text Element
Customizing Weebly Text Element

Copy, Delete and Move Elements

Each element can be deleted by clicking on the “X” mark shown in the right upper corner of the element. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the element.

In addition to deletion, you can also move or copy any element by clicking on the arrow mark shown in the left upper corner of the element as shown in the picture beside.

Copy, Delete and Move Weebly Elements
Copy, Delete and Move Weebly Elements

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