Division Sign Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

Division sign is one of the basic mathematical symbol. However, default keyboard layout does not have a division key. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to type division sign in documents. Note that division sign is also referred as obelus sign in typography. In addition, there is also a divide emoji that you can use similar to division sign.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Division Sign

Here is a summary of keyboard shortcuts for division sign.

Symbol NameDivision Sign
Windows ShortcutAlt + 0247
Word Shortcut00F7 + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 00F7
HTML Entity Decimal÷
HTML Entity Hexadecimal÷
HTML Named Entity÷
CSS Value\00F7;
Unicode PointU+00F7

Browser Display

Below is how the symbol will look like on all supported browsers.


Typing Division Sign in Windows

  • On Windows computers, turn the NUMLOCK on. Now, hold one of the alt keys and type 0247 to make ÷ sign. If it does not work, enable number lock, press alt key and type 246 without leading zero.
  • On Microsoft Word documents, you can type 00F7 and press alt + x keys together to make a division sign.
  • You can also use math AutoCorrect settings in Word and PowerPoint to type division sign. Type \div and press space, so that Word will automatically convert it into ÷ sign. This should be the default settings in all Microsoft applications. However, on Excel it works only inside an equation.
Math AutoCorrect for Division Sign
Math AutoCorrect for Division Sign

Typing Division Sign in Mac

  • On Mac, press “Option + /” keys to type division sign ÷. This works with default ABC language input and on all applications like Pages, Numbers, Keynote including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • You can also switch the language input to Unicode Hex Input and type “Option + 00F7” to type ÷ sign.
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Typing Division Sign in HTML & CSS

On web documents like HTML and CSS, you can use the escape entity values to type symbols. For example, use & # 247; in HTML without any spaces to produce ÷ sign.

Below is the CSS code example:

li:before {

Other Division Symbols

In addition to standard division sign, Unicode has few other variations. It also includes a divide emoji that you can type with keyboard.

SymbolDescriptionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
/Division SlashAlt + 8725Option + 2215
Circled Division SlashAlt + 8856Option + 2298
Division TimesAlt + 8903Option + 22C7
Heavy Division SignAlt + 10135Option + 2797
Long DivisionAlt + 10188Option + 27CC
Circled Division SignAlt + 10808Option + 2A38

Using Divide Emoji

The heavy division symbol is actually a divide emoji that you can insert using emoji keyboard in Windows, Mac and smartphones.

  • Press “Win + .” keys to open emoji panel in Windows 10. Search and insert divide emoji symbol.
Insert Divide Emoji in Windows 10
Insert Divide Emoji in Windows 10
  • Use keyboard shortcuts “Control + Command + Space” to open emoji keyboard in Mac. You can search in the box and insert the symbol.
Type Division Symbols in Mac
Type Division Symbols in Mac
  • On mobile phones, toggle the keyboard layout to emoji to find the divide emoji under “Symbols” section.

Usage Examples

Normally, ÷ is used in printing and mathematical equations. However, people use right slash symbol / in free handwriting. Here are some examples using different division signs.

  • 6 / 3 = 2
  • 24 ÷ 4 = 6
  • 10 ➗5 = 2

Note: You can use equation editor in Word and Excel to type formal mathematical equations and formulae. However, use the keyboard shortcuts to type the symbol inside Excel cell or aligning with other text content in Word document.

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Division Sign Shortcuts Card

Below is a quick reference shortcut card that you can use for offline purpose.

Division Sign Shortcuts Card
Division Sign Shortcuts Card

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