How to Type Gender Symbols in Windows and Mac?

In general, we use male and female symbols for indicating gender. These are the two popular symbols even available as emoji. However, standard Unicode specifies almost 15 gender symbols including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) symbols. These symbols are derived from ancient astrological and alchemical symbols. You can use keyboard shortcuts to type gender symbols in Windows and Mac documents.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gender Symbols

Here is a complete list gender symbols along with alt code keyboard shortcuts for typing in Windows and Mac computers.

Common NameSymbolWindows ShortcutWord ShortcutMac ShortcutUnicode Name
MaleAlt + 97942642 Alt + XOpt + 2642Male Sign
FemaleAlt + 97922640 Alt + XOpt + 2640Female Sign
IntersexAlt + 989326A5 Alt + XOpt + 26A5Male and Female Sign
TransgenderAlt + 989426A6 Alt + XOpt + 26A6Male with Stroke Sign
TransgenderAlt + 989526A7 Alt + XOpt + 26A7Male with Stroke and Male and Female Sign
BisexualAlt + 989226A4 Alt + XOpt + 26A4Interlocked Female and Male Sign
LesbianAlt + 989026A2 Alt + XOpt + 26A2Doubled Female Sign
GayAlt + 989126A3 Alt + XOpt + 26A3Doubled Male Sign
MarriedAlt + 990126AD Alt + XOpt + 26ADMarriage Symbol
DivorcedAlt + 990226AE Alt + XOpt + 26AEDivorce Symbol
Living TogetherAlt + 990326AF Alt + XOpt + 26AFUnmarried Partnership Symbol
Vertical MaleAlt + 989626A8 Alt + XOpt + 26A8Vertical Male with Stroke Sign
Horizontal MaleAlt + 989726A9 Alt + XOpt + 26A9Horizontal Male with Stroke Sign
No GenderAlt + 989826AA Alt + XOpt + 26AAMedium with Circle
No GenderAlt + 990626B2 Alt + XOpt + 26B2Neuter

Typing Gender Symbols in Windows PC

You can use different method to type gender symbols in Windows computer.

Using Alt Code Shortcuts

As given in the above table, you can use alt code keyboard shortcuts to type the gender symbols easily. However, you need to use separate number pad on your keyboard. If your laptop does not have separate number pad, enable numeric lock and use the shortcuts with function key and numbers on the letter keys (not on the top row).

For example, alt + 9890 will produce the lesbian or female homosexuality sign ⚢.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word in Windows operating system supports using the hexadecimal code with alt and x keys. For example, press 26A4 and alt then x keys to produce the sex symbol like ⚤.  

Typing Gender Symbols in MacBook

On MacBook, you can switch the language input to Unicode Hex Input and use the alt code shortcuts with hexadecimal codes. Remember, the alt keys are named as option keys in MacBook keyboard layout.

For example, press option + 26A3 will produce the gay symbol like ⚣.

Gender Emoji Symbols in Windows and Mac

Male and female symbols are part of emoji symbols that you can type using quick emoji panel in Windows 10 and Mac. In addition, Unicode consortium also added transgender symbol in 2020 emoji list.

  • You can press “Win Logo + ,” keys or “Win Logo + ;” keys to open emoji panel. Type the name or search from the list to insert gender symbols on your documents and chat conversations.
  • On Mac, press “Command + Control + Space” to open Character Viewer app. Type “male” to find all gender related symbols. Double click on the required symbol to insert on the cursor position.
Type Gender Symbols in Mac
Type Gender Symbols in Mac

LGBT Flag and Transgender Flag Emoji

Unicode also two emoji flags for representing LGBT and transgender flags in related community movements. Though rainbow flag is a general purpose emoji, transgender flag emoji exclusively added with 2020 list may not be supported in many applications yet.

You can follow the same above method to insert these emoji in Windows 10 and Mac. 

LGBT Flag Emoji
LGBT Flag Emoji
Transgender Flag Emoji
Transgender Flag Emoji

Typing Gender Symbols in Smartphones

All smartphones offer emoji keyboard that you can switch during typing. Both in iPhone and Android, you can insert gender emoji symbols for male, female, transgender, LGBT flag and transgender flag.

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