2 thoughts on “How to Reset Local Account Password in Windows 10?”

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  1. Hi Steve.

    No, it does no longer work on Win10 machines that use windows defender as their AV solution, since Microsoft has recently begun to detect this method. Since September 2018, you need to use other ways. However, there is still a chance to use the old method if you are a quick typist: Start your machine in safe mode (keep shift pressed while clicking on restart and select advanced startup options, then F4 for safe mode). In safe mode, defender is starting a little later, which allows you to use the method for about 30 seconds. Just use this one liner, when on the command prompt:
    net user administrator /active newpass
    Afterwards, you can logon with the account administrator and the password newpass.

    Reference is my thread over here: https://www.administrator.de/contentid/391076

  2. Does the option to access a command prompt by replacing utilman.exe still work with the latest Windows 10? I’ve tried it and I get no response when I click. (No Utility Manager or CMD prompt).


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