How to Open WeChat in Desktop Computers?

WeChat is one of the popular apps in China used for instant messaging. In addition, WeChat Pay is the easiest way for foreigners living in China to send and receive money within Mainland China. Though WeChat has wonderful apps for iOS and Android smartphones, sometime you need to open WeChat on you computers. In this article, we will explain how can you do that in systematic.

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Why You Need PC or Mac Access?

There are certain situations it is convenient to access WeChat in desktop computers.

  • For sending, receiving and opening large compressed files. For example, it is a difficult task to send or receive bigger files in iOS app since you first need the files to be stored in iCloud account and then transferred through WeChat.
  • You may be doing some task on the computer in office or home. Hence, it is easy to do the multitasking on the same device.
  • Of course, you cannot access WeChat if you run out of money in your mobile. Without mobile data and WLAN is restricted to laptops with cables, you need to have a desktop for emergency discussions.
  • Save mobile data especially when you want to have a video calls.

Remember, you still need your mobile WeChat app in order to use WeChat on your computers. You need to scan the QR code shown on the computer and verify your login using the mobile app.

How to Open WeChat in Desktop Computers?

 WeChat allows accessing your account from computers with two methods:

  • Using WeChat for Web.
  • Using WeChat desktop app for PC or Mac.

Let us explain both methods in detail.

WeChat for Web

WeChat for Web is easy way to use your desktop without installing any program.

  • Go to the official WeChat website and click on the WeChat for Web icon.
WeChat for Web and Desktop
WeChat for Web and Desktop
  • On next screen, you will see a QR code along with a message informing you to scan using the code with the mobile app.
Scan QR Code for WeChat Web Access
Scan QR Code for WeChat Web Access
  • If you see the message in Chinese, change the language to English from the bottom.
  • Now, open your smartphone and launch WeChat app.
  • Scan the QR code and you will see your profile picture on the desktop.
  • Confirm the login from the mobile app to proceed with the desktop access.
  • Now, WeChat for Web will open for you on the browser.
  • In case of access blocked, you will see a message like below in the browser.
WeChat Web Access Blocked
WeChat Web Access Blocked

Unblocking WeChat Web Access

As you see the screenshot, WeChat blocks the web access for most of the foreigners. Though you can contact WeChat support, it will be a tedious task to verify and unblock the web access.

  • Open WeChat app on your phone and go to the “Contacts” tab.
  • Search for “WeChat Team”, you should have received the message from WeChat Team when you have opened the account. Otherwise, you can follow WeChat Team which is the official account for WeChat support.
  • Send a message with a screenshot showing the reason for blocking the web access.
  • The support team will check and confirm whether you can access or not.

If the web access does not work for you then the only option is to install the app and use WeChat for Desktop.

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WeChat Desktop Apps for Windows and Mac

The best and working option is to install WeChat desktop app on your computer. WeChat offers desktop apps for both Windows and macOS.

  • Go to WeChat official site and click on the “Windows download” or “Mac download” icon.
  • On the next screen, you can download the app directly from the website. Alternatively, you can also go to the Mac App Store or Microsoft Windows Store and download the app.
WeChat for Mac Desktop
WeChat for Mac Desktop
  • After downloading the app, install and open it.
  • It will show a QR code for scanning with your mobile phone.
WeChat QR Code for Desktop Access
WeChat QR Code for Desktop Access
  • Launch the WeChat app on your mobile and scan the QR code from your computer.
  • You will see a profile picture of your WeChat account on the desktop.
Confirm Login Access
Confirm Login Access
  • Your mobile WeChat app will prompt you to give permission for desktop login. Tap on “Login” button to grant the access.
Confirm Access in Phone App
Confirm Access in Phone App
  • Now, you will instantly login to the desktop app and start the conversation.
WeChat Mac Desktop App
WeChat Mac Desktop App

Limitations of Using WeChat in Desktops

Well, there are many restrictions in using WeChat on your desktop computers.

  • WeChat blocks most of the foreigners account for web access. You need to download and install the desktop app, in order to chat. However, you may not have administrator access if you are using laptops provided by your organization. In such a case, you need to discuss with your IT admin to help in installing the app for you.
  • After installing and login to your desktop app, you cannot view the previous chat conversation histories. Though you will see all the contacts, you will not see the conversations. Therefore, you need to manually backup and restore the chat history to continue the previous conversations.
  • WeChat Pay will not be available in desktop and web access. Therefore, you can only use the app for chatting and not for payments.

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