How to Make Money with Content Curation Site?

What is Content Curation?

Though many of us use curated content on daily basis, we may not know what exactly it is. Content curation is a technique of extracting content from other websites and creating an own website using that content. You should not confuse curation with content copying. For example, there are many news websites that simply extract the RSS feeds from other popular news sites and generate the content for their users. You can find this in Google search that many sites show exactly the same results when you look for a latest news.

Same Google Results from Curated Websites
Same Google Results from Curated Websites

Many of us only read the newspaper popular in our local area. It is not possible for the local newspaper media to report some incident happening on other part of the world. Therefore, they use the feed from related news website and spread the information to their users. It also work vice versa that global news site can take news from a local site. Besides news industry, you can also use content curation for other purposes as long as you mention the source and link it properly.   

Declaration on Indian Newspaper Site
Declaration on Indian Newspaper Site

How to Make Money with Content Curation?

Believe it or not content curation can be good for SEO. But how do you make money with content curation? There are number of ways you can make money with content curation. Follow the below in order to make sure it works for you:

  • Always have your unique content in addition to the curated content on your site.
  • Provide the proper source credit and citation details.
  • Confirm with the source site they can allow to curate the content from their RSS feed. Generally, all bigger news (general, tech and other categories) sites allow content curation. However, don’t use the content without permission to avoid copyright issues.   

1. Display Banner Advertisements

You can show online ads on your curated website from various advertising companies. This is an easy way to earn money for each impression or ad click. However, it is necessary to build an audience first to read your curated content. Otherwise, you won’t qualify for advertisement programs that need sufficient traffic as an eligibility criterion. Even if you show advertisement, you will only be getting few cents if you have low traffic to your site.

Display Ads on CNN
Display Ads on CNN

2. Google AdSense

One of the popular online advertisement programs is Google AdSense. You can get approval from Google and start monetizing your content curation blog. The problem with adding Google AdSense advertising to your content curation blog is that unless your posts focus on high value keywords you will only get paid a few cents per click. Display ads from other advertising companies pay more and can pay you a fixed monthly fee.

Google Ads in CNN
Google Ads in CNN

3. Sponsored Posts

When you attract traffic to your curated website, many agencies will approach you for publishing sponsored posts. In general, they will supply the content along with the link details for you to publish on your site. You can charge them a fee depending upon your traffic for hosting the content. Though this is a lucrative way of earning money, ensure to mark all the links as sponsored to follow Google’s webmaster guidelines.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has to be one of the simplest ways to make money on the web. But not the easiest because conversions are not always high. Getting content to convert relies on several factors like:

  • Is the copywriting persuasive enough?
  • Does the content pre-sell the product?
  • Does the article add value to readers?

Aside from that, some digital affiliate programs have up to 75% in commissions. However, physical products are known to pay less because of the logistics involved and warehousing fees.

5. Subscription Service

As mentioned, you can supply unique and quality content along with your curated content. You can make some of them publicly available and lock your best content behind a paywall. This is something the popular websites like Business Inside and Wall Street Journal do to retain visitors and earn revenue. This will work well, particularly if your website focuses on a niche. One example of this if your site teaches people about ecommerce you could make the introductory articles free to view but the tutorial a paid subscription.

If you have readers who are interested in your content, they are likely to want to learn more. And offering an email newsletter is one way to do this where you share more content and recommend products. You could offer a free PDF or eBook to your subscribers and get their email address newsletter.

6. Donations

Asking donations is another way of monetizing your site. Though this seems awkward, popular sites like Wikipedia does this. This is a good idea especially when you run the site without any advertisements. In order to keep the site running and for general administration fees, you could have a donation page on your site. The donations could range from a small to larger donations or custom amount.

Final Words

Content curation is a great strategy that works well along with your unique content. With the right plan you can make money with content curation as well as receive huge traffic. This will allow you to monetize the site using any of the above methods. However, importing the content feed needs permission from the owner site. In addition, you need a strong web hosting to operate such a curated website for long run.

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