How to Create Successful Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is not a new term anymore for digital marketers, modern-day companies and writers. It has been around for quite some time now. The importance of content marketing even became more pronounced with the advent of SEO and digital marketing. When done well, content marketing can be a bedrock of success for your marketing activities. That is why many now take content marketing strategy very seriously. It helps to factors a number of key ingredients into your content marketing to get the most out of your resources and time.

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There is no rubber-stamped route to content marketing strategy. However, there are frameworks that you can follow to get the best outline for your need. The following steps can prove useful in formulating a successful content marketing strategy.

7 Steps for Successful Content Marketing

  1. Know your target
  2. Work on the nature of the content
  3. Content formation
  4. Content outreach
  5. Evaluate content performance
  6. Enhancing your strategy through data collection
  7. SEO Additives

1. Know Your Target

This is a crucial first step in formulating your content marketing strategy. Your target provides the direction for your content marketing. The way you define your target can determine if your strategy will be successful or not. A clear outline of your target provides you with the standard with which you measure your outcome.

Find Your Target

2. Work on Content Nature

Just before you even think of creating the content you need, there is a need for you to determine the nature of your content. You have to decide the direction in which you are taking your content. For example, you decide on things like if your content should be informational, sales pitch, leading on your audience, etc. One thing that is recommendable about the type of content you are creating is to make it unique to you. Given the huge amount of content out there with more churning out every day. Uniqueness is vital to your brand. Do a cross-analysis of your content and that of your competitors and eliminate any trace of similarity in content as well as strategy.

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3. Content Formation

Now, this part is the main attraction, and for the sake of your content marketing strategy success. It is important you get this part right. By now, you know your target and the nature of the content you want to create. Therefore, you need to get writing experts who can produce the exact content that fits into your content marketing strategy. During content creation, take note of the headline and ensure you craft an attention-grabbing headline. It is also crucial at this stage as it can make or break your campaign. Overall, align your content with your target.

4. Content Outreach

You need to start thinking of how to give your content a broad outreach through the right distribution channel. The wrong distribution channel could affect the success of your content marketing strategy. It is useless creating high-quality content with poor content outreach. Your distribution channel could be influential publications, high authority websites, social media, etc. Ensure you pick the right one that suits your overall strategy and target.

Use Social Media
  • You can utilize various distribution channels.
  • Boost your content outreach through social media, press releases, etc.
  • Utilize your existing network to distribute your work or use the industry network.

The basic point is you need to invest as much time into content outreach as you did content formulation.

5. Evaluate Performance of Your Content

Once your content is out there, the work is not over yet. You need to evaluate your content performance by using tools like Google Analytics. You measure your content against the target you set earlier in your content marketing strategy. This will give you an idea if your content is measuring up to the set target or you should re-strategizes.

Successful Content Strategy

Therefore, depending on your target you can evaluate your audience consumption behavior, outreach evaluation (for example, how often is the content shared?). You can also do sales evaluation to know if the content is generating sales. As well as lead generation evaluation, to know the number of leads gotten from the content.

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6. Enhance Strategy Through Data Collection

Collecting data is part of what makes your content marketing strategy successful. Through data collection, you can bring value to your readers by offering what might actually interest them. Data collection offers you an insight into your niche. You can collect data through a customer’s survey using tools like surveys, polls or even interviews. You can collect data from existing sources or start from scratch, whichever way you go will influence the success of your content marketing strategy.

7. SEO Additives

Talking of adding flavors to your content marketing strategy, there is no better flavor to add than SEO. After organizing a highly successful campaign and you have your content on every targeted site. It is essential to do follow-up for the sake of SEO, this is to ensure you get all the necessary SEO backlinks from your published content.

SEO Audit

In order to get credit for your original content, it is essential to keep track of websites that publishes your content. You can use tools like Google alerts to get notifications about the sites that use your content. Once you discover sites that do not provide a backlink, simply notify them and most will be happy to oblige.


The recipe for a successful content marketing strategy is definitely not a single route. However, whichever route you want to take some fundamentals must not be ignored as we have mentioned and discussed above. Above all, have in mind your business and marketing aims and ensure your strategy from initiation to content distribution aligns with those aims. If you have a team then carry the rest of the team along so that you are on the same page. This ensures that their contribution tally with set goals in your content marketing strategy.

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