Bootstrap 4 Badges Demo

This is a demo page to showcase Bootstrap 4 badge component.

Bootstrap 4 Badges Tutorial

Bootstrap 4 Badges Demo

Bootstrap Default Badges

This is H1 Heading New

This is H2 Heading New

This is H3 Heading New

This is H4 Heading New

This is H5 Heading New
This is H6 Heading New

Bootstrap Contextual Color Badges

Secondary Badge

Primary Badge

Success Badge

Info Badge

Warning Badge

Danger Badge

Light Badge

Dark Badge

Bootstrap Contextual Color Pill Badges

This is a

Secondary Pill Badge

you can view.

Primary Pill Badge

Success Pill Badge

Info Pill Badge

Warning Pill Badge

Danger Pill Badge

Light Pill Badge

Dark Pill Badge

Use Badges in a Running Paragraph

Secondary badge This is a secondary badge and here is a primary badge. The paragraph continues with success badge and info badge and warning badge and finally ends with a danger badge. And again continue with lighter badge and then ends with darker badge.

Badge with Counters

Badge with Font Icons

Take a Picture

Take a Shower

Donate a Dollar

Send a Tweet

Watch a Video

Upload a File

Connect with Facebook

Follow in Twitter

Bootstrap 4 Badges Tutorial