Alt Code Shortcuts for Clock Symbols

Do you know you can insert clock symbols in your Office documents showing specific time? Yes, this is very easy using the alt key on your Windows based keyboard. Unicode system has time related symbols including clock showing each hour and watches. Here we have also added calendars and hourglasses to make a comprehensive list of alt code shortcuts for clock symbols.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Clock Symbols

Hold alt key and then type the decimal code using numeric keypad. This method works on all Microsoft Office documents. Example: Alt + 9200 will produce the alarm clock symbol like ⏰.

Alt + Key (Decimal)SymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 8986Watch
Alt + 8987Hourglass
Alt + 128336🕐Clock Face One O’clock
Alt + 128337🕑Clock Face Two O’clock
Alt + 128338🕒Clock Face Three O’clock
Alt + 128339🕓Clock Face Four O’clock
Alt + 128340🕔Clock Face Five O’clock
Alt + 128341🕕Clock Face Six O’clock
Alt + 128342🕖Clock Face Seven O’clock
Alt + 128343🕗Clock Face Eight O’clock
Alt + 128344🕘Clock Face Nine O’clock
Alt + 128345🕙Clock Face Ten O’clock
Alt + 128346🕚Clock Face Eleven O’clock
Alt + 128347🕛Clock Face Twelve O’clock
Alt + 128197📅Calendar
Alt + 9200Alarm Clock
Alt + 9203Hourglass With Flowing Sand
Alt + 10710White Hourglass
Alt + 10711Black Hourglass
Alt + 128198📆Tear-Off Calendar
Alt + 128368🕰Mantelpiece Clock

Using Alt + X Method

Enter the hexadecimal code and hold alt and then press “X” key. This method will work only on Word documents. Example: 1F559 + Alt + X will create clock face ten o’clock like ?.

Alt + X (Hex Code)SymbolSymbol Description
1F550🕐Clock Face One O’clock
1F551🕑Clock Face Two O’clock
1F552🕒Clock Face Three O’clock
1F553🕓Clock Face Four O’clock
1F554🕔Clock Face Five O’clock
1F555🕕Clock Face Six O’clock
1F556🕖Clock Face Seven O’clock
1F557🕗Clock Face Eight O’clock
1F558🕘Clock Face Nine O’clock
1F559🕙Clock Face Ten O’clock
1F55A🕚Clock Face Eleven O’clock
1F55B🕛Clock Face Twelve O’clock
23F0Alarm Clock
23F3Hourglass With Flowing Sand
29D6White Hourglass
29D7Black Hourglass
1F4C6📆Tear-Off Calendar
1F570🕰Mantelpiece Clock

Using Symbol Utility in Office Documents

When you are in Word or PowerPoint documents, go to “Insert > Symbols > More Symbols” menu. This will open Symbol popup, change the font to Windings and choose the clock symbols to insert.

Clock Symbols in Symbol Utility
Clock Symbols in Symbol Utility

Using Character Map App

Similar to “Symbol” utility, you can also use independent Character Map app. Use Windows Search box to find Character Map app, change the font to Windings and find the clock related symbols. You can copy the symbol to clipboard and insert on any documents.

Clock Symbols in Character Map App
Clock Symbols in Character Map App

Windows Emoji Keyboard

Press “Win + ;” keys to open emoji keyboard in Windows 10. Type “clock” to filter and insert clock related emoji symbols on your documents.

Clock Emoji Symbols in Windows 10
Clock Emoji Symbols in Windows 10

Inserting Clock Emoji Symbols in Mac

On Mac based documents, press “Command + Control + Space” to open Character Viewer app. This will work on all applications like Pages and Keynote. If you see a small panel, click on the expand icon on the top right corner of the Character Viewer app. Navigate to “Emoji > Symbols” category and scroll down to find clock symbols.

Clock Symbols in Mac Character Viewer
Clock Symbols in Mac Character Viewer

Customizing Clock Symbols

You can customize the symbols larger or smaller just by selecting the symbol and increasing or decreasing the font size in your document. Similarly, you can change the color for the outline symbols.



You can also make it bold and italicize the symbols like any other text content.

Alt + Key (Decimal)Alt + X (Hex Code)SymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 920023F0Large Alarm Clock
Alt + 1071029D6Bold and Red Hourglass
Alt + 1283451F559?Large Clock Face Ten O’clock

Image Chart

Below is an image chart showing all time related symbol shortcuts. You can right click and save the image for offline use.

Alt Code for Clock Symbols

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