Alt Code Shortcuts for Stars Symbols

Did you ever know that you can insert 25+ different star symbols in your Office documents? This can be done using alt code shortcuts. Here is a complete list of alt code shortcuts for stars symbols for inserting various star symbols on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Alt + Code Shortcuts for Stars

This method uses alt key and the decimal code values entered through number pad. It will work on all Office documents. Hold one of the alt keys and then press the numbers one by one using numeric keypad on your keyboard. For example, hold Alt key and then type 127775 keys on the numeric pad will produce the glowing star symbol ?.

Alt + Key (DecimalSymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 9733Dark Star
Alt + 9734Light Star
Alt + 9770Star And Crescent
Alt + 9885Outlined White Star
Alt + 10017Star Of David
Alt + 10022Black Four Pointed Star
Alt + 10023White Four Pointed Star
Alt + 10024Sparkling Stars
Alt + 10025Stress Outlined White Star
Alt + 10026Circled White Star
Alt + 10027Open Centre Black Star
Alt + 10028Black Centre White Star
Alt + 10029Outlined Black Star
Alt + 10030Heavy Outlined Black Star
Alt + 10031Pinwheel Star
Alt + 10032Shadowed White Star
Alt + 10036Eight Pointed Black Star
Alt + 10037Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star
Alt + 10038Six Pointed Black Star
Alt + 10039Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star
Alt + 10040Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star
Alt + 10041Twelve Pointed Black Star
Alt + 10050Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star
Alt + 127747🌃Night With Stars
Alt + 127775🌟Glowing Star
Alt + 127776🌠Shooting Star
Alt + 128171💫Circling Stars
Alt + 128303🔯Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot

Alt + X Shortcuts for Star Symbols for Microsoft Word

This method uses the hexadecimal values, alt and x keys. The code can be inputted through any keyboards but it will work only on Word documents. Type the hexadecimal code and then press and hold alt and letter x. For example, type 1F4AB keys and hold Alt and press X keys to produce circling stars symbol ?.

Alt + X (Hex Code)SymbolSymbol Description
2742Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star
2739Twelve Pointed Black Star
2738Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star
2737Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star
2736Six Pointed Black Star
2735Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star
2734Eight Pointed Black Star
2730Shadowed White Star
2729Stress Outlined White Star
2728Sparkling Stars
2727White Four Pointed Star
2726Black Four Pointed Star
2721Star Of David
2606Light Star
2605Dark Star
272FPinwheel Star
272EHeavy Outlined Black Star
272DOutlined Black Star
272CBlack Centre White Star
272BOpen Centre Black Star
272ACircled White Star
269DOutlined White Star
262AStar And Crescent
1F320🌠Shooting Star
1F303🌃Night With Stars
1F52F🔯Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot
1F31F🌟Glowing Star
1F4AB💫Circling Stars

Customizing Star Symbols

The symbols typed through alt code shortcuts behave similar to any other text content on your documents. So you can increase or decrease the size using the font size option, change the color and make the symbols bold and italicized. You can also decorate the symbols using WordArt and other tools. Below are some custom star symbols with different colors and sizes.

Alt + KeyAlt + XSymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 1281711F4AB?Circling Stars
Alt + 97342606Light Star
Alt + 100412739Twelve Pointed Black Star
Alt + 100322730Shadowed White Star
Alt + 100372735Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star

Image for Reference

Below is the image you can right click and download to your device for local reference.

Alt Code for Star Symbols

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