Alt Code Shortcuts for French Letters with Accents

In our earlier article, we have provided the alt code shortcuts for accented letters in German language. Unlike German, French language has many accented letters. Most of these letters are part of the Latin-1 Supplement Unicode block with the code point from U+0080 to U+00FF. You can use alt code shortcuts in Windows and option code shortcuts for Mac to insert these accented letters.   

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Alt Code Shortcuts for French Letters

Here is complete list of alt code shortcuts for French letters with accents.

ShortcutLetterDescriptionUsed On
Alt + 0192ÀCapital Letter A With GraveWindows
Alt + 0224àSmall Letter a With GraveWindows
Alt + 0194ÂCapital Letter A With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0226âSmall Letter a With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0196ÄCapital Letter A UmlautWindows
Alt + 0228äSmall Letter a UmlautWindows
Alt + 0198ÆCapital Letter AE LigatureWindows
Alt + 0230æSmall Letter ae LigatureWindows
Alt + 0199ÇCapital Letter C With CedillaWindows
Alt + 0231çSmall Letter c With CedillaWindows
Alt + 0200ÈCapital Letter E With GraveWindows
Alt + 0234èSmall Letter e With GraveWindows
Alt + 0203ËCapital Letter E With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0235ëSmall Letter e With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0206ÎCapital Letter I With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0238îSmall Letter i With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0207ÏCapital Letter I With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0239ïSmall Letter i With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0212ÔCapital Letter O With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0244ôSmall Letter o With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0338ŒCapital Ligature OEWindows
Alt + 0339œSmall Ligature oeWindows
Alt + 0217ÙCapital Letter U With GraveWindows
Alt + 0249ùSmall Letter u With GraveWindows
Alt + 0219ÛCapital Letter U With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0251ûSmall Letter u With CircumflexWindows
Alt + 0220ÜCapital Letter U With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0252üSmall Letter u With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0376ŸCapital Letter Y With UmlautWindows
Alt + 0255ÿSmall Letter y With UmlautWindows
00C0 + Alt + XÀCapital Letter A With GraveWord
00E0 + Alt + XàSmall Letter a With GraveWord
00C2 + Alt + XÂCapital Letter A With CircumflexWord
00E2 + Alt + XâSmall Letter a With CircumflexWord
00C4 + Alt + XÄCapital Letter A UmlautWord
00E4 + Alt + XäSmall Letter a UmlautWord
00C6 + Alt + XÆCapital Letter AE LigatureWord
00E6 + Alt + XæSmall Letter ae LigatureWord
00C7 + Alt + XÇCapital Letter C With CedillaWord
00E7 + Alt + XçSmall Letter c With CedillaWord
00C8 + Alt + XÈCapital Letter E With GraveWord
00E8 + Alt + XèSmall Letter e With GraveWord
00CB + Alt + XËCapital Letter E With UmlautWord
00EB + Alt + XëSmall Letter e With UmlautWord
00CE + Alt + XÎCapital Letter I With CircumflexWord
00EE + Alt + XîSmall Letter i With CircumflexWord
00CF + Alt + XÏCapital Letter I With UmlautWord
00EF + Alt + XïSmall Letter i With UmlautWord
00D4 + Alt + XÔCapital Letter O With CircumflexWord
00F4 + Alt + XôSmall Letter o With CircumflexWord
0152 + Alt + XŒCapital Ligature OEWord
0153 + Alt + XœSmall Ligature oeWord
00D9 + Alt + XÙCapital Letter U With GraveWord
00F9 + Alt + XùSmall Letter u With GraveWord
00DB + Alt + XÛCapital Letter U With CircumflexWord
00FB + Alt + XûSmall Letter u With CircumflexWord
00DC + Alt + XÜCapital Letter U With UmlautWord
00FC + Alt + XüSmall Letter u With UmlautWord
0178 + Alt + XŸCapital Letter Y With UmlautWord
00FF + Alt + XÿSmall Letter y With UmlautWord
Option + 00C0ÀCapital Letter A With GraveMac
Option + 00E0àSmall Letter a With GraveMac
Option + 00C2ÂCapital Letter A With CircumflexMac
Option + 00E2âSmall Letter a With CircumflexMac
Option + 00C4ÄCapital Letter A UmlautMac
Option + 00E4äSmall Letter a UmlautMac
Option + 00C6ÆCapital Letter AE LigatureMac
Option + 00E6æSmall Letter ae LigatureMac
Option + 00C7ÇCapital Letter C With CedillaMac
Option + 00E7çSmall Letter c With CedillaMac
Option + 00C8ÈCapital Letter E With GraveMac
Option + 00E8èSmall Letter e With GraveMac
Option + 00CBËCapital Letter E With UmlautMac
Option + 00EBëSmall Letter e With UmlautMac
Option + 00CEÎCapital Letter I With CircumflexMac
Option + 00EEîSmall Letter i With CircumflexMac
Option + 00CFÏCapital Letter I With UmlautMac
Option + 00EFïSmall Letter i With UmlautMac
Option + 00D4ÔCapital Letter O With CircumflexMac
Option + 00F4ôSmall Letter o With CircumflexMac
Option + 0152ŒCapital Ligature OEMac
Option + 0153œSmall Ligature oeMac
Option + 00D9ÙCapital Letter U With GraveMac
Option + 00F9ùSmall Letter u With GraveMac
Option + 00DBÛCapital Letter U With CircumflexMac
Option + 00FBûSmall Letter u With CircumflexMac
Option + 00DCÜCapital Letter U With UmlautMac
Option + 00FCüSmall Letter u With UmlautMac
Option + 0178ŸCapital Letter Y With UmlautMac
Option + 00FFÿSmall Letter y With UmlautMac
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How to Use These Shortcuts?

You can use the shortcuts in different ways depending upon the application and operating system.

In Windows Documents

The alt code shortcuts will work on all Windows based documents like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Press and hold one of the alt keys and type the numbers using number pad on your keyboard. For example, Alt + 0202 will produce capital letter E with circumflex like Ê.  

In Microsoft Word Document

Use the hex code then press alt and x keys to type the accented letters on Word documents. For example, 00FB + Alt + X will produce small letter u with circumflex like û. You can use normal keyboard alphanumeric keys for typing the code; however, it will only work on Microsoft Word in Windows.

In Mac Documents

In order to use the shortcuts in Mac, you should first change the keyboard input to Unicode Hex Input. You can toggle the keyboard input from the Input Menu icon available in the top menu bar. After toggling to U+ input, press option key and type the four digits hexadecimal code. For example, Option + 00CE will produce capital letter I with circumflex like

On Web Documents:

All the accented letters in French has an entity name, which you can use in HTML web pages. Alternatively, you can also use decimal or hex escape entity code as given in the below table (use the codes without spaces).

LetterDescriptionEntity NameEscape Code HexEscape Code Decimal
ÀLatin Capital Letter A With Grave& Agrave;& #x000C0;& #192;
àLatin Small Letter a With Grave& agrave;& #x000E0;& #224;
ÂLatin Capital Letter A With Circumflex& Acirc;& #x000C2;& #194;
âLatin Small Letter a With Circumflex& acirc;& #x000E2;& #226;
ÄLatin Capital Letter A With Diaeresis& Auml;& #x000C4;& #196;
äLatin Small Letter a With Diaeresis& auml;& #x000E4;& #228;
ÆLatin Capital Letter AE& AElig;& #x000C6;& #198;
æLatin Small Letter ae& aelig;& #x000E6;& #230;
ÇLatin Capital Letter C With Cedilla& Ccedil;& #x000C7;& #199;
çLatin Small Letter c With Cedilla& ccedil;& #x000E7;& #231;
ÈLatin Capital Letter E With Grave& Egrave;& #x000C8;& #200;
èLatin Small Letter e With Grave& egrave;& #x000E8;& #232;
ÉLatin Capital Letter E With Acute& Eacute;& #x000C9;& #201;
éLatin Small Letter e With Acute& eacute;& #x000E9;& #233;
ÊLatin Capital Letter E With Circumflex& Ecirc;& #x000CA;& #202;
êLatin Small Letter e With Circumflex& ecirc;& #x000EA;& #234;
ËLatin Capital Letter E With Diaeresis& Euml;& #x000CB;& #203;
ëLatin Small Letter e With Diaeresis& euml;& #x000EB;& #235;
ÎLatin Capital Letter I With Circumflex& Icirc;& #x000CE;& #206;
îLatin Small Letter i With Circumflex& icirc;& #x000EE;& #238;
ÏLatin Capital Letter I With Diaeresis& Iuml;& #x000CF;& #207;
ïLatin Small Letter i With Diaeresis& iuml;& #x000EF;& #239;
ÔLatin Capital Letter O With Circumflex& Ocirc;& #x000D4;& #212;
ôLatin Small Letter o With Circumflex& ocirc;& #x000F4;& #244;
ŒLatin Capital Ligature OE& OElig;& #x00152;& #338;
œLatin Small Ligature oe& oelig;& #x00153;& #339;
ÙLatin Capital Letter U With Grave& Ugrave;& #x000D9;& #217;
ùLatin Small Letter u With Grave& ugrave;& #x000F9;& #249;
ÛLatin Capital Letter U With Circumflex& Ucirc;& #x000DB;& #219;
ûLatin Small Letter u With Circumflex& ucirc;& #x000FB;& #251;
ÜLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis& Uuml;& #x000DC;& #220;
üLatin Small Letter u With Diaeresis& uuml;& #x000FC;& #252;
ŸLatin Capital Letter Y With Diaeresis& Yuml;& #x00178;& #376;
ÿLatin Small Letter y With Diaeresis& yuml;& #x000FF;& #255;
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In CSS and JavaScript documents, you can use hex code in \00FF and \u00FF formats respectively.   

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