Alt Code Shortcuts for Food Items

On daily life, we use different types of food items like vegetables and fruits. Do you ever wonder how to insert these food item symbols on your documents? You can do this using alt key shortcuts on your keyboard. Here is a complete list of alt code shortcuts for food items.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Food Items

Alt + Code Method – hold alt key and enter the decimal code in the first column of the below table using numeric pad on your keyboard. For example, alt + 127848 will produce the ice cream symbol like ?. This will work on all documents like Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Alt + X Method – enter the hexadecimal code in the second column of the below table and then press alt and x keys. For example, 1F36D + alt + x will make lollipop symbol like ?. This method will work only Word documents.

Alt + KeyAlt + XSymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 97492615โ˜•Teacup Without Handle
Alt + 1277921F330๐ŸŒฐChestnut
Alt + 1277931F331๐ŸŒฑSeedling
Alt + 1277961F334๐ŸŒดPalm Tree
Alt + 1277971F335๐ŸŒตCactus
Alt + 1277991F337๐ŸŒทTulip
Alt + 1278011F339๐ŸŒนRose
Alt + 1278031F33B๐ŸŒปSunflower
Alt + 1278051F33D๐ŸŒฝMaize
Alt + 1278061F33E๐ŸŒพRice
Alt + 1278071F33F๐ŸŒฟHerb
Alt + 1278121F344๐Ÿ„Mushroom
Alt + 1278131F345๐Ÿ…Tomato
Alt + 1278141F346๐Ÿ†Eggplant
Alt + 1278151F347๐Ÿ‡Grapes
Alt + 1278161F348๐ŸˆMelon
Alt + 1278171F349๐Ÿ‰Watermelon
Alt + 1278181F34A๐ŸŠTangerine
Alt + 1278201F34C๐ŸŒBanana
Alt + 1278211F34D๐ŸPineapple
Alt + 1278221F34E๐ŸŽRed Apple
Alt + 1278231F34F๐ŸGreen Apple
Alt + 1278251F351๐Ÿ‘Peach
Alt + 1278261F352๐Ÿ’Cherries
Alt + 1278271F353๐Ÿ“Strawberry
Alt + 1278281F354๐Ÿ”Hamburger
Alt + 1278291F355๐Ÿ•Slice Of Pizza
Alt + 1278301F356๐Ÿ–Meat On Bone
Alt + 1278311F357๐Ÿ—Poultry Leg
Alt + 1278321F358๐Ÿ˜Rice Cracker
Alt + 1278331F359๐Ÿ™Rice Ball
Alt + 1278341F35A๐ŸšBowl Of Rice
Alt + 1278351F35B๐Ÿ›Curry And Rice
Alt + 1278361F35C๐ŸœSteaming Bowl
Alt + 1278371F35D๐ŸSpaghetti
Alt + 1278381F35E๐ŸžBread
Alt + 1278391F35F๐ŸŸFrench Fries
Alt + 1278401F360๐Ÿ Roasted Sweet Potato
Alt + 1278411F361๐ŸกMochi Balls On Skewer
Alt + 1278421F362๐ŸขSeafood On Skewer
Alt + 1278431F363๐ŸฃSushi
Alt + 1278441F364๐ŸคFried Shrimp
Alt + 1278451F365๐ŸฅFish Cake With Swirl Design
Alt + 1278461F366๐ŸฆSoft Ice Cream
Alt + 1278471F367๐ŸงShaved Ice
Alt + 1278481F368๐ŸจIce Cream
Alt + 1278491F369๐ŸฉDoughnut
Alt + 1278501F36A๐ŸชCOOKIE Or Biscuit
Alt + 1278511F36B๐ŸซChocolate Bar
Alt + 1278521F36C๐ŸฌCandy
Alt + 1278531F36D๐ŸญLollipop
Alt + 1278541F36E๐ŸฎCustard
Alt + 1278551F36F๐ŸฏHoney Pot
Alt + 1278561F370๐ŸฐShortcake
Alt + 1278571F371๐ŸฑBento Box
Alt + 1278581F372๐ŸฒPot Of Food
Alt + 1278591F373๐ŸณFrying Pan
Alt + 1278601F374๐ŸดFork And Knife
Alt + 1278611F375๐ŸตTeacup With Handle
Alt + 1278621F376๐ŸถSake Bottle And Cup
Alt + 1278631F377๐ŸทWine Glass
Alt + 1278641F378๐ŸธCocktail Glass
Alt + 1278651F379๐ŸนTropical Drink
Alt + 1278661F37A๐ŸบBeer Mug
Alt + 1278671F37B๐ŸปCheers CLINKING BEER MUGS
Alt + 1278741F382๐ŸŽ‚Birthday Cake
Alt + 1280171F411๐Ÿ‘Sheep
Alt + 1280201F414๐Ÿ”Chicken
Alt + 1280251F419๐Ÿ™Octopus
Alt + 1280311F41F๐ŸŸFish
Alt + 1280371F425๐ŸฅChicken
Alt + 1280461F42E๐ŸฎCow
Alt + 1280551F437๐ŸทPig
Alt + 1282981F52A๐Ÿ”ชCooking Knife

Inserting Food Emoji Symbols

Most of the food symbols are part of Unicode emoji symbols which you can insert using emoji keyboard in Windows 10 or Character Viewer app in Mac.

Emoji Keyboard in Windows 10 – Press “Win + ;” keys to open emoji keyboard. Click on the pizza icon on the bottom to filter “Food and plants” emoji category. Select the symbol to insert on your documents. Alternatively, you can also type “food” to filter the related emojis.

Food and Plants Emoji Symbols in Windows 10
Food and Plants Emoji Symbols in Windows 10

Using Character Viewer in Mac – press “Control + Command + Space” to open Character Viewer app. Navigate to “Emoji > Food & Drink” category to find and insert the food emoji symbols.

Food and Drinks Emoji Symbols in Mac
Food and Drinks Emoji Symbols in Mac

Symbol Variations

Though food symbols look solid emoji on the browser, you will view the black and white icons on Windows documents like Microsoft Word. You can format and customize the symbols by changing the color, adding background and changing the font size. Below is an example of some food symbols with custom formatting in Word document”

Custom Food Symbols on Word Document
Custom Food Symbols on Word Document

Cheatsheet for Reference

You download the cheatsheet for alt code shortcuts for food items and use for offline reference.

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